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Author of the RuntimeGC Tool: user19990313

RuntimeGC is an In-Game Cleaner that will clean up your savegame, reducing its size and making your game run smoothly again, without losing your progress.

RuntimeGC Tool features

  • Remove unnecessary World Pawns to alleviate burden of GameSystem.
  • Clear AvoidGrids to reduce the size of your savegame.
  • Remove useless members (dead or of other factions) in an animal family.
  • Remove filth in HomeArea.
  • Remove corpses in current map.
  • Fix some faction relationships error (those caused by mod conflicts are not included!).
  • Re-generate faction leaders to fix some CommTable issues.
  • Reclaim Memory used by GameSystem to boost up game performance.

How to clean up your game

  1. Activate the mod after the Core mod.
  2. Load your game.
  3. Find the new tab called “RuntimeGC” at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Click and do some cleaning with the GUI.
The longer you have played, the more effective this cleaning will be.
Sometimes errors occur, such as: “Tried to remove *** from RimWorld.WorldPawns, but it’s not here”. These errors are unavoidable but they are harmless, so just ignore them.

RuntimeGC is available in English and Simplified Chinese.

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RuntimeGC Tool
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • User Interface


RuntimeGC is an awesome tool that helps a great deal when loading big savegames.

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