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Rimworld Exploration Mode [BETA] Mod

Author of the Rimworld Exploration Mode [BETA] Mod: TheLastBulletBender

Why is it that your lost and naked pawns know about the locations of every faction bases and landmark on the planet? Want to have a challenging experience exploring the planet for the first time? Rimworld Exploration mode now adds immersive exploration to your game with minimal performance impact.

Rimworld Exploration Mode Mod features

  • Unexplored tiles and world-level fog-of-war.
  • River-crossing movement penalty.
  • Sight penalty over difficult terrain.
  • Pawns drops maps revealing unknown locations (better pick them up fast).
  • Satellite Hacking (simple Implementation for now)
  • Integration with Rimnauts 2 satellites to reveal map.
  • Ally shared vision.

Compatibility notes

Supported Mods:

Future Plans:

  • Reveal locations through prisoner interrogation or recruitment.
  • Higher-tier maps (USB/Map Holograms).
  • Learn name of regions through interaction with other factions.
  • More mod integrations.

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