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Vanilla Outposts Expanded Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Outposts Expanded Mod: chowder, legodude17, Oskar Potocki, Kikohi

Vanilla Outposts Expanded Mod can be described as an incredibly Lite version of mods like Saakra’s Empire. Players will be able to form a caravan and travel to a location on the world map, where they can set up different kinds of outposts, towns and camps. Each of these location will yield different bonuses depending on the types of pawns as well as their skills.

This is by no means a complex management mod. In fact, we put extra work to make it as intuitive and organic as possible. Outposts can be used to get rid of unwanted pawns – they have no upkeep, and colonists in outposts don’t need to be micromanaged – they will literally provide themselves with the resources they need. All you need to do is find a suitable location for the outpost and send the necessary amount of pawns. Think of it like Outposts in Frostpunk, where everything that happens in the outposts is outside of your control or attention.

Outposts can, however, be raided. It then generates a map with that outpost and all the crew in it, and you have to fend off against the attackers.

Periodically, outposts will send a pack animal with the resources. Create an Outpost drop off spot and the animal will deliver the resources to this location. Consider building defensive outposts, especially in late game, as they will be able to reinforce other locations around themselves via drop pods.

I hope you will enjoy this rather simple on the surface mod. It’s been fun developing it, and I’m sure it will be fun for you to get rid of all the pyromaniacs and wimps, whilst also getting some supplies in return!

We are not currently tracking any issues with this mod. We are however on Christmas break, so if any issues arise, they will be fixed as soon as we’re able – most likely first weeks of January.

When reporting a bug make sure to attach a Hugslib log. You can get it if you have the Hugslib mod loaded, and go into dev console and click the green ‘Share logs’ button. Just copy the link in the comment!

Bug reports without the log will be removed. Don’t be salty. They don’t give us any info how to fix issues so they are just pointless clutter.


  • Oskar Potocki, an artist and a designer.
  • legodude17, a mastermind behind the code.
  • Kikohi, a programmer who helped with CSG.

Chowder, a writer responsible for a large number of descriptions.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Q: Do I need to pay upkeep on the outposts?
A: No. Outposts provide themselves with everything they need to function.

Q: Do pawns in the outposts gain skill levels?
A: No. That’s a major drawback. Pawns in the outposts are essentially locked in a separate reality – they do not get any skill in anything, but they also don’t need to be controlled by you. They don’t fall ill, they don’t do social fights, they don’t have mental breaks.

Q: Can I disable some aspect of the mod?
A: No, it comes in as a package. You’re either accepting all of it, or none of it. Sorry. You are welcome to patch certain things out, but I can’t promise the mod will work as intended.

Q: Do I need VE framework for it to work??
A: All the faction mods require Vanilla Expanded Framework to work.

Q: Does this mod work with other mods?
A: It should work with majority if not all the mods out there.

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Hell yeah! I wouldn’t be so sure about removing it though, so backup your save!

Q: Can I upgrade the outposts?
A: No. They are meant to be a simple way of getting rid of your pawns, not a next layer of strategy in the game.

Q: If I deconstruct an outpost, are all the pawns lost?
A: No silly, they simply reform a caravan.

Q: Can I put people in and out of the outposts at any time?
A: Yes. In a way, outposts work like a caravan. You simply split it and merge it.

Q: Can I put slaves and prisoners in outposts?
A: Of course you can!

Q: Can I build defenses in the outpost?
A: No, That’s why it’s important to have some well armed pawns in the outposts, in case a raid comes.

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