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RimNauts 2 Mod

Authors of the RimNauts 2 Mod: sindre0830, DetVisor

The RimNauts 2 Mod adds Near-Earth Objects like moons, asteroids, space debris, and artificial-satellites that has to be launched into orbit. Everything is visible and animated as an orbit on the world map mode. The moons are playable biomes that needs to be discovered.

RimNauts 2 Mod features

The rocket to the left is a satellite that you can launch into orbit. This will be visible in the world map and is required to find moons. The amount of satellites you have also increases the chance of finding mineral rich asteroids in orbit. The middle rocket is the space station that you can launch into orbit, and it will generate a map with a simple starter station. The right most rocket is a cargo transport pod and can carry more weight. Useful for asteroid mining.

Because of how the fuelling station spot gets placed, I had to make the actual size of the launchpad different then the texture which makes this process a bit awkward. To select the launchpad you will need to click one tile to the left of the middle (double click if you only get the transport pod). This is where you fuel up the transport pods.

To the Moon!

To discover moons, you are required to have two satellites in orbit. Once you have that you can use the satellite dish to communicate with the satellites to find a moon orbiting the planet.

Asteroid Mining

Mineral-rich asteroids will randomly show up in the asteroid belt for a limited time. You can harvest the asteroids, but is only reachable from orbit (space station or moon base). The number of artificial satellites orbiting the planet will increase the chance of spotting these mineral-rich asteroids.

Compatibility notes

The only impact this mod has on performance is on the world map. If it lags for you, I recommend using My Little Planet to generate smaller planets. I have also added settings where you can change the amount of satellite objects you want to spawn (asteroid belt). This, however, requires a new save.

I recommend using these mods:

Known issues

  • Any transport mod that writes its own transport pod class requires a patch for them to travel to the world objects that I have added.

For modders

How to patch your transport mod (C#)
Adding custom mineral-rich asteroids (XML)


Is this mod save game compatible?
Yes, but to see the asteroids you need to go into developer mode -> world map -> debug actions, and press the RimNauts2: Regenerate satellites

The satellite / space station doesn’t launch.
This is because you need asteroids on the world map. Try it in a new save and see if it works.

I can’t find the buildings, where are they?
Everything is locked behind the Transport Pod research.

Can we get a light version?
No, if you just want the asteroid belt animation, you can just not use the other parts of the mod.

What is the point of the moons?
Mostly for role-play, but there is also asteroid mining which requires you to travel from orbit (moon base, space station). It is also a lot better on performance since there are no animals in new biomes.

There is oxygen on the moon!?
Yes, you need SOS2 to get oxygen system implemented. I have patched it so you just need SOS2 loaded for it to work.

Can we get reusable ships?
No, use mods like SRTS or SOS2 for that.


Main programmer: sindre0830
Main artist: DetVisor

This mod is a continuation of RimNauts 1. Please refer to that page for the original developer team and their contribution (Especially the C# wizard who made it all possible in the first place; Nolabritt).

Please check out these talented artist from RimNauts 1 whose art is used in this mod as well, Kasmex and Genome-X.

Would you like to help me out? Reach out to me on Discord: sindre0830#2457

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