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My Little Planet Mod

Author of the My Little Planet Mod: ignis

With the My Little Planet Mod you can generate smaller worlds. That’s all.

My Little Planet Mod features

A smaller world means a performance boost and more different biomes nearby.

Each slider step changes world tile count by a factor of three. It is not possible to have smaller steps.

Compatibility notes

You can add this mod to existing saves (no effect on already generated worlds). However, removal of this mod is possible but not recommended if the size of your world is non-default (your world would be stretched to the default size, but no new bases would be generated, so it would look quite empty).

License: All original code in this mod is licensed under the MIT license.

This mod is detour-free and should not break anything. Should work with any mod which is not detouring planet generation settings page.

  • Realistic Planets – compatible.
  • Prepare Landing – you have to turn off its “precise world generation percentage” option.

Known issues:

  • Tiny worlds with low coverage and extra faction mods can have issues with not being able to find a tile for every faction.
  • The “Ship to the Stars” quest requires a big enough world to happen. If your world is too small, your only option would be to build your own ship.


Version 1.5

Older versions:

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