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RimRoads Mod

Author of the RimRoads Mod: Jecrell

The RimRoads Mod adds the ability to build roads on the world map that you can use later on to travel faster around the map. Dirt roads require no resources to construct. However, other roads require resources for the blueprints. Check the resources required by clicking on them.

How to Build Roads

  1. Research the appropriate technology in the Research menu.
  2. Send a caravan to the world map.
  3. Select the caravan.
  4. Click the new build roads button.
  5. Select the path of your road’s blueprints.

The more people in the caravan, the faster the construction fo the road will be.

Muffaloes (or vehicles, if you have the Vehicles mod), help a lot for constructing longer roads that need more resources.

Not clear enough? Watch this video explaining how the RimRoads Mod works:

Available Road Recipes

  • Dirt – Fastest construction time. No resources required. +30% speed boost.
  • Stone – Decent construction time. 150 stony materials required. +55% speed boost.
  • Asphalt – Slow construction time. 250 stony materials and 30 chemfuel required. +60% speed boost.
  • Asphalt Highway – Slowest construction time. 450 materials and 60 chemfuel required. +65% speed boost.

If you have questions, want to report a bug, or simply want to say hi to the author, head to the Official Discord Channel.


Version 1.4

Older versions:

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