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Vehicles Mod

Authors of the Vehicles Mod: Mason J. Caboose, NinjaSiren, Taranchuk

The Vehicles Mod is a true implementation of vehicles into RimWorld! It implements a truck into the game where you can load passengers, as well as equipment for both crossing the map and for caravanning.

How does it work?

To acquire a vehicle you need to research Machining and Smithing and then you will be able to build the Vehicle Table. With it you can construct a box filled with vehicular pieces, and vehicle weapons.

To assemble the vehicle, instruct a pawn to follow the included manual in the box (right-click the box). Upon following guides 1-Z on your Ikea manual and throwing away the last 5 screws, your pawn will have successfully assembled a working scrap heap!

Upon assigning a driver, you must instruct the vehicle to draft itself for glorious duty. Just like any partially oiled machine, you’ll have to fill and power it with chemfuel!

You will need both a driver and a gunner to shoot from the vehicle. Only the burst cannon, and machine cannon fits on the APC, and Machine Gun fits only with the Truck and ATV. (visually buggy yet, but works)

Reloading/loading CE ammo to your vehicle weapon of choice is done by:

  • First knowing what ammo the weapon, then install the weapon on to your vehicle of choice.
  • Right click the vehicle then select reload.
  • Make sure you got enough ammo for it.

When doing a caravan with a vehicle, make sure you include one colonist outside the vehicle to not get the “Downed Colonist” feature/issue from the Vehicle Framework

You got 5 vehicles currently in the mod:

  • Tank
  • APC
  • Truck
  • ATV
  • Cart

With 7 types of vehicular weapons:

  • Rail Cannon
  • Tank Cannon
  • Artillery Cannon
  • Naval Cannon
  • Burst Cannon
  • Machine Cannon
  • Machine Gun

And make sure you got a lot of Steel, Component, and Plasteel in your inventory to craft the vehicles and weapons.

Additional notes

The Vehicles Mod cannot be removed from a saved game. AI factions may be able to use vehicles in raids, caravans, and bases.


  1. Make sure that you have JecsTools installed.
  2. Extract and copy the contents in the Mods folder.
  3. Enjoy!

Mod Load Order (follow this):

  1. Core
  2. JecsTools
  3. Combat Extended
  4. Other mods…
  5. Yes Vehicles Framework
  6. Yes, Vehicles, Finally!

Updated to Beta 18 by TupiNUMBooR.

Combat Extended hotfix patch #2, and Weapons balancing patch by Hjkma/Taranchuk.


Version 1.5
Vehicles Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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