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Forgotten Realms – Biotech Edition Mod

Author of the Forgotten Realms – Biotech Edition Mod: Neronix17

Forgotten Realms inspired races, implemented as Biotech Xenotypes. A revival of my old Forgotten Realms mod of sorts, with a bunch of new additions (with more to come) and improvements thanks to Biotech.

Keep in mind these are not strictly leaning on the lore, even between editions of D&D there’s large differences a lot of the time, and I’m not sticking to one specific edition for obvious reasons considering many races aren’t even listed under some of them. If there’s a choice of genes on a xenotype you don’t like you’re going to have to learn to make a patch to change it, as these are gonna follow my own interpretation.

Forgotten Realms – Biotech Edition Mod features

Currently included races are all in the screenshots, it’d take me hours to add details on the exact genes involved for each race and writing descriptions that people generally don’t read doesn’t seem like it has much of a point.

If there’s any races not included yet that you’d like to see feel free to ask nicely and if they’re not already planned to come I might add them, there’s some limiting factors but there’s not point in me listing that since it’s somewhat flexible so just suggest whatever ones you want.

Alongside the races, there are a couple items, and a structure, for handling Illithid reproduction, the elder brain item is a quest reward, and may show up on exotic traders, the illithid tadpoles come from the elder brain once you build its structure.

Compatibility notes

So far the only compatibility worth mentioning would be the same as the dependency Outland – Genetics, so make sure to check that if you’re concerned there.

Any existing versions of these races on the workshop should be compatible, I prefixed every def with “Forgotten_” so there should be no conflicts even in name there. If you want to deal with duplicates just use Cherry Picker to disable the one you don’t want.

Otherwise I am not aware of any incompatibilities.


  • Can I disable some?
    Not in the mod itself, you can always use Cherry Picker to remove xenotypes you don’t want.
  • Are there any factions?
    Not currently, I have an idea for a couple that may be added in updates but right now all xenotypes are found throughout vanilla factions.
  • Are any modded factions patched?
    Not yet, I am looking to do this in an update soon but I was focused on actually releasing this first.
  • My favorite race isn’t included can you add it?
    I have quite a few I still want to add in updates, but they may not already be on the list so feel free to suggest.
  • Can you make this standalone without Outland – Genetics?
  • No Warforged anymore?
    They’re coming, I just have to release something else first that’ll provide mechanics letting them work properly.
  • Just races then? Nothing else?
    Races are the focus, but I’m not ruling out the possibility of additional things here and there, it just won’t be anything big.

Additional credits:
– Neronix17 – Art, XML & C#.
– The creators of the used frameworks for those.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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