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Outland – Genetics Mod

Author of the Outland – Genetics Mod: Neronix17

Adds an excessive amount of genes, some cosmetic, some functional! Some massively OP! But those would never spawn on pawns without another mod making it happen so they’re all opt-in. I have extended Tweaks Galore to allow the controlling of what genes can spawn along with the release of this mod so you can decide for yourself if you want them to show up during normal gameplay.

This is standalone and does not require Outland – Core but genes may be included that are made with it and other Outland modules in mind.

Outland – Genetics Mod features

These images provide a teaser of what’s available, there’s too many to just individually list for what little information would be necessary.

Compatibility notes

Compatible mods with known Issues:

  • Big and Small Genes – Reportedly causes a number of visual issues with other gene mods like this one. Check the description of that mod for the fix they recommend.
  • Vanilla Races Expanded – Androids – They’ll function fine separately as far as I know, just don’t expect every gene to work, especially the automatically generated ones like geneline implanters and ascension genes.
  • Xenotype Spawn Control – Due to the way the random gene generating is implemented in that mod, other mods like this one cannot tell it not to spawn them. This is their problem, not mine.
  • Humanoid Alien Races – Can work fine alongside without any additional issues, but some races may have weird interactions with genes and xenotypes.

I am not aware of any other incompatibilities, but keep in mind that there will possibly be overlap with other mods adding genes. You can use Tweaks Galore to hide some from spawning if you want to prevent multiple different ones showing up in genepacks.


  • Gene categories have changed with this?
    Yes they have a little, I patch the vanilla genes a little to split them where it makes sense, I’ve tested alongside other mods adding genes and for the most part they make sense still and there were no actual issues.
  • I don’t want all of these tho?
    Then use Tweaks Galore and prevent them spawning in genepacks, and if them existing at all is an issue there’s always Cherry Picker.
  • Does this work without Biotech?
    The fact this has been asked multiple times on mods that build upon basic functionality provided by Biotech makes me genuinely concerned for your wellbeing.

Additional credits:
– Neronix17 – Art, C# & XML
– Erin – Art
– Pphhyy – Their unreleased crab race inspired the Chitinous Skin gene design

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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