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Tabula Rasa Mod

Author of the Tabula Rasa Mod: Neronix17

Tabula Rasa is a framework on which Outpost 21 mods are built. Anyone is free to make use of this as a dependency. On it’s own, this mod does nothing for users, and will generally only have appeal for modders and people wishing to use those mods that make it a dependency.

The only feature exposed to the average user in-game is the additional debug button (top of the screen when dev mode is enabled) allowing access to the xenotype editor window without having to go half way through making a new colony.

This was formerly known as “[O21] Toolbox”, but has since gone through a rewrite, removing a lot of old and inefficient code entirely as of 1.4.

Tabula Rasa Mod features

There’s a wiki currently being worked on to list all the current modding features of Tabula Rasa.

Compatibility notes

Compatibility is a high priority where reasonable, mods that have inherent incompatibility or are highly intrusive will not be considered. Like Multiplayer mods generally are.

Smart Medicine is known to break the code handling custom medicine requirements, typically used on artificial races. If you’re not using something like Droids in Outer Rim or my Mechadroids, it’s not going to be an issue.


  • CE – Not supported. I don’t use it, I never will since it doesn’t do anything that appeals to me, yes I’ve tried it, and yes I disliked most of the changes it makes, and yes, the changes I liked can be done with other mods! If the users hadn’t spent several years harassing me on a regular basis I probably would, but that’s ensured I never will.

Additional credits:

  • Neronix17
  • AUTOMATIC – Laser Weapons (Rimlaser)
  • Jecrell – Jecstools, which was a large part of how I learnt to mod Rimworld, along with some code being adapted to better suit my needs based on Jecstools code being included in this.
  • Bradson – Optimizations providing a significant boost to performance of patches.

This mod is technically open source, however, setting this as a dependency for mods is the use case it is based around and just copying out the bits you want to use without being careful can lead to serious compatibility conflicts. On top of that you will miss out on the improvements and fixes applied to the code if you just take a copy of it.

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