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Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod

Author of the Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod: Ogliss

The Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod adds several weapons from the Warhammer 40k universe. Now with native support for Combat Extended!

Adeptus Mechanicus: Armoury Mod features

Integration with QuantumX’s Astra Militarum mods.

Imperial weapons and wargear are craftable at the Imperial Machining Table (Guns, Armour, Melee Weapons) with relevent researches. Xenos weaponry is craftable, from the relevant races machining table, which may be acquired from world quests and may be obtained in combat or from the new Xenotech Rouge Trader.

Special rules

  • Power Weapon: weapons tagged with this ignore armour
  • Irradiated: weapons tagged with this cause Radiation Poisoning
  • Jams: based on Darque’s jamming code from CyberPunk
    Weapon has a chance to jam firing, the better qaulity, and better condition, the less likely it is to jam
  • Gets Hot: Weapons tagged with this have a chance to overheat, injuring the user, when fired.
  • Warp Rift: The Eldar Wraithcannon is a unique weapon that has a chance to totally destroy its target and damage all surronding
  • Baleful Energies: Necron technology is hazardous to living beings, however they do have a chance of ignoring all armour
  • Force Weapon: Force weapons possess the ability to channel the users psychic talents into a potent melee attack, which is capable of incapacitating or killing the target instantly.(this only functions when weilded by a pawn with either Psychicly sensitivitive or Psychicly hypersensitivitive traits)
  • Pacifier: Pacifier Weapons though various means, excel at subduing their opponents in a (Ususally) Non Lethal manner. Current types are either Psychic or Pain based
  • Rapid Fire: Rapid fire weapons have an increased Rate of fire (shots per burst) when firing at targets are within half of their max range.
  • Melta: Melta Weapons deal double damage and have double AP when hitting targets within half range
  • Plagued: infect pawns injured by these weapons with disease.
  • Toxic: Toxic weapons are usually coated with foul poisions, designed to impair and disrupt target functions.
  • Buckshot: based on XenoDans Proper Shotguns Does not fire a single projectile, but a cluster of pellets or buckshot.
  • Combi Weapon: Two weapons combined into a single housing, the secondary weapon can be fired via an added button.
  • Hotshot: Hotshot firemode on Las weapons trades range for increased armour penetration and risks damaging the weapon.
  • Overcharged: Some plasma weapoms allow for the shot to be overcharged, greatly increasing both its destructive capabilities and its chance to overheat.


  • Grenade Belts: Grenade belts give the wearer the ability to throw a grenade of the respective type. Grenade types:
    • Frag – Similar to vanillia, but with slightly reduced damage and a lager radius
    • Krak – Similar to vanillia, but with slightly reduced radius and increased damage
    • Melta/Tankbusta – Single cell radius, high base damage, with increased damage against buildings
    • Photon – cause very little damage, but stun and blind anyone withing a large area
    • EMP/Haywire – cause very little damage to living tissue, but play havoc with eletronic systems, they can however stun living things occasionally.
  • Shield: Item generates a shield similar to the vanillia shieldbelt, however it also protects agasint melee attacks, and allows ranged weapons to be used.
  • CQB Shield: Item generates a shield similar to the vanillia shieldbelt, however it Only protects agasint melee attacks, and allows ranged weapons to be used.



Weapons: 32 guns 10 melee


  • Cadian Flak Chestplate
  • Cadian Flak Greaves
  • Cadian Flak Helmet


IG Fatigues

By K.Strudel KStrudel:

  • IG Flak Armour
  • IG Flak Helmet
  • IG Flak Helmet(Goggled): Eye Protection
  • IG Gas Mask: Gas Protection
  • IG Officer Cap
  • IG Field Cap
  • Commissar Jacket
  • Commissar Cap
  • Valhallan Pilotka
  • Valhallan Ushanka

Grenade Belts – Frag, Krak, Melta

  • Rosarius: Shield, High capacity low recharge rate
  • Iron Halo: Shield, Low capacity high recharge rate
  • Storm Shield: CQB Shield, High capacity low recharge rate
  • Combat Shield: CQB Shield, Low capacity high recharge rate
  • Purity Seal: slight Psyhic and mental break resistance
  • Servo Skulls: Hospitaller, Inquisitorial, Mechanicus


Weapons: 15 guns 5 melee


  • Tech-Priest Robes
  • Tech-Priest Hood
  • Skitarii Armour
  • Skitarii Helmet

Weapons: 7 guns 1 melee
Grenade Belts – Photon, EMP

Weapons: 14 guns 13 melee
Grenade Belts – Plasma, Haywire, Melta

Weapons: 7 guns 5 melee
Stikkbomb Belts – Frag, Krak, Tankbusta

Weapons: 12 guns 4 melee

Dark Eldar
Weapons: 13 guns 8 melee

Full Weapon List


Unknown Crashed Ship Part: This functions similarly to poison/psychic ship parts, but allows other hostile factions to use the mechanic.

Compatibility notes

Astra Militarum Intergration: Imperial weapons and wargear are craftable at Imperial Fabricators, with relevent researches and utilize Imperial Resources. If both this mod and Astra add a weapon, only this mods version is available ingame. Special Rules added to Astra weaponry. Boltgun (T2) (Rapid Fire).

If HAR is loaded, Imperial technology is restricted to Humans and Mechanicus pawns.

Playable Races: These will overwrite the NPC versions of the factions added by Magos Xenobiologis
Playable Orkz
Playable Tau, Kroot & Vespid
Playable Eldar

Load Order

JecsTools (RW1.0)
Combat Extended (if used)
Astra Militarum Core (if used)
astra offical addons (if used)
Corruption Core (if used)
Corruption offical addons (if used)
Armoury (This Mod)
Xenos Biologis (if used)
Playable Orkz, Eldar, Tau (if used) order of these 2 doesnt matter

You have my full permission to rebalance/patch/translate this mod, just please link back to the original :)
Problems? Questions? Comments? Got something youd like to see added to the mod? Join us on Discord.


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