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Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Puppeteer Mod

Authors of the Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Puppeteer Mod: Oskar Potocki, Taranchuk, Reann Shepard

Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Puppeteer introduces a brand new, rare psycaster path available only to those who studied the secret arts in their childhood – notably, high imperial nobles. Puppeteer is a path focused on providing the master of puppets with mindless servants that he or she directly controls. It allows the puppeteer to move their consciousness and personality to a random puppet, essentially allowing for a wicked sort of immortality.

Puppeteers are able to subdue their prisoners with a twisted psychic abomination called the brain leech, which will lay the foundations of a brand new puppet. Such brain leech can then seize control of the prisoner if the puppetmaster sends out a puppeting signal. Puppets care not for recreation, joy or comfort, and exist only to serve the puppet master. Any experience they gained is shared with their overlord, and if they are chosen, they may be ascended – their existence fizzles out in a blaze of utter destruction, while anything that they were becomes food for the evil psycaster that puppeted them.

As stated before, this Psycaster path is only available to those of Imperial backstory, similar to the Archotechist. Your colonists may, however, become puppeteers if they gain a puppeteer neurotrainer.

Vanilla Psycasts Expanded – Puppeteer Mod features

Compatibility notes

This mod should be compatible with majority, if not most of the mods. If there are any incompatible mods, they will be listed in this section.

Additional credits: 

  • Oskar Potocki, an artist and a designer, responsible for the artwork and visual imagery of this mod.
  • Taranchuk, a programmer responsible for the code.
  • Reann Shepard, a creative writer responsible for psycast descriptions.
  • Alternative artworks for psycaster paths generated using wombo art.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Q: Is this mod compatible with X?
A: Scroll up to the compatibility section please.

Q: Is the amount of puppets infinite?
A: You can cast mindsplit infinite amount of times, yes.

Q: Can I add it to an ongoing save?
A: Yes, you should be able to add it to an ongoing save with no issues what-so-ever.

Q: Does this work with RimWorld of Magic?
A: Should do! We’re not touching anything they’re touching.

Q: CE Compatible?
A: No idea. If you find that out, let us know. We’re not doing the patching ourselves.

Q: Can I remove it from a save?
A: No idea. To be frank, when you’re removing the mods, you’re on your own. Warranty ends the moment you disable our mod and load a save.

Q: Can enemies use psycasts?
A: Yes! However, currently no pawn spawns with this path unlocked.

Q: How can I unlock this path?
A: The path will be locked to be accessible only by Noble-born imperials (pawns with ImperialNoble backstory), but it may also be accessed if you obtain a neurotrainer with one of the abilities added.

Q: Can abilities on player pawns be set to autocast?
A: Yes, simply right-click them!

Q: Animat next?
A: Check my Patreon to find out what’s coming next. All information is there. Seriously.

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