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Stargate Zat Gun & Staff Weapon Mod

Authors of the Stargate Zat Gun & Staff Weapon Mod: HopeSeekr, Allen Scott, DarkShift

Introducing the Ma’Tok Staff!

Stargate Zat Gun & Staff Weapon Mod features

The other weapon developed by the Goa’uld for use by their Jaffa armies. This is the mainstay of their armory: The Ma’Tok (More commonly known as the Staff Weapon) is a terrifying and deadly plasma cannon in the shape of a staff, capable of blowing holes straight through torsos, even with armor.

I rebalanced the mod to make the Zat Gun a bit more costly to make, in terms of components and time, and the Staff Weapon follows suit; it’s powerful. I used the Minigun for reference as to the resources/time to build, since it’s also a fairly complicated item that sort of matches the functionality/lethality of the Ma’Tok. If I knew how, I would have made the Ma’Tok only craftable at the Fabrication bench.

When I installed the original, the sound for the Zat didn’t work, so I fixed that bit, and added the sound for the Staff Weapon too.

This is my first time actually making any kind of mod for any game, and all it took was a two hour video on YouTube, the mod wiki, 4 extra hours bashing my head against my keyboard and the installation of Visual Studio which I don’t even think I needed to use, now that I think about it.

The graphic for the Ma’Tok is sorta placeholder, and may be updated at a future point. Also, coming soon™ as an update will be the Tacluchnatagamuntoron as a throwable grenade of sorts, assuming I can figure it out(highly unlikely), and assuming HopeSeekr doesn’t mind me doing a “sudo-takeover” of his mod lol.

Thanks to HopeSeekr for the original. Couldn’t have done it without you. <3

And also thanks to my friend Allen Scott for making the Ma’Tok graphic for the item in-game. <3

YOU NEED "Enable Oversized Weapons" FOR THIS MOD TO LOOK RIGHT.

For the original mod, click here.

To acquire “Enable Oversized Weapons”(Dependency), click here.


Version 1.4

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