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Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire Mod

Author of the Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire Mod: Conan The Civilian

Turn Rimworld’s Empire into the Galactic Empire and climb the ladder of the Imperial High Command! Star Wars Retheme is a mod series focused on retheming various Rimworld mods to fit into the beloved Star Wars universe!

Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire Mod features

This mod completely changes Rimworld’s Empire into the Galactic Empire, this includes:

  • Retheming the Great Hiearchy added by VFE: Empire into the Imperial High Command.
  • Retheming imperial nobles into imperial commanders and officials.
  • Retheming the Empire faction into the Galactic Empire faction.
  • Retheming most of the Empire’s pawns, including royals, soldiers, the absolver, the techfirar and more.
  • Retheming permits and adding new ones.
  • Replacing the Shuttle with Lambda Shuttle (requires Madman’s Star Wars Ships).

Compatibility notes

Probably not compatible with other mods that try to retheme/change the Empire. Highly recommend using Jelheb’s Outer Rim Vanilla Faction Patch and Madman’s Star Wars Ships.


Q: CE compatible?
A: If VFE: Empire and Outer Rim: Galactic Empire are compatible, then yes.

Q: Can you add X?
A: I would love to see ideas/feedback, and will consider interesting ideas!

Q: Do I need Madman’s Star Wars Ships?
A: No, it is optional, but if you do have it, some ships will be replaced with Star Wars ships.

Q: Does this mod remove/replace any content from VFE: Empire?
A: No, the mod is made to be non-destructive, stuff like the deserter armor, cataphract armor and more are still in the game, the Empire faction just doesn’t use them.

Q: Can I play with both Empire and the Galactic Empire from Outer Rim?
A: Yes, if my retheme is installed, the Outer Rim Empire faction is renamed to “Imperial military”, unfortunately they will not share relations with the Empire, you can take it as Imperial intrigue I guess. (Or just disable the Outer Rim Empire faction)

Q: Does this mod change noble needs?
A: Kind of, nobles now want imperial commander clothes instead of noble clothes. But I kept the throneroom and bedroom requirements the same to preserve the gameplay loop.

Additional credits:

Huge thanks especially to the Vanilla Expanded Team and Neronix for their incredible mods, art and advice!

Vanilla Factions Expanded – EmpireVanilla Expanded Team
Outer Rim – Galactic EmpireNeronix17

I would also like to thank Jelheb for inspiring me to make this mod with his own Outer Rim Imperial Remnant, which I highly recommend to use if you for some reason don’t want to use VFE: Empire.


Version 1.5
Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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