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Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters Mod

Author of the Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters Mod: Conan The Civilian

Turn RimWorld’s deserters into rebels and liberate your planet from the oppresive Empire! Star Wars Retheme is a mod series focused on retheming various Rimworld mods to fit into the beloved Star Wars universe!

Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters Mod features

This mod completely changes Rimworld’s Deserters into the Rebels, this includes:• Retheming the Deserter faction into the Rebels faction

  • Retheming Deserter soldiers into Rebel Commandos.
  • Retheming all the plots, quests and services to fit the Star Wars universe.
  • Adding Star Wars equipment to the contraband system.
  • Replacing the Deserter Shuttle with a U-Wing (requires Madman’s Star Wars Ships).
  • Replacing Aerodrones with TIE fighters (requires Madman’s Star Wars Ships).

Main quest retheme: A tyrannical moff rules over your planet. You have had enough, it is up to you to disrupt the Empire’s operations and eventually capture Hypervelocity gun installations to bring down the Imperial Space Station where the tyrant with his high command are hiding.

Compatibility notes

Probably not compatible with other mods that try to retheme/change the Empire. Highly recommend using Jelheb’s Outer Rim Vanilla Faction Patch and Madman’s Star Wars Ships.


Q: CE compatible?
A: If VFE: Deserters and Outer Rim: Rebel Alliance are compatible, then yes.

Q: Can you add X?
A: I would love to see ideas/feedback, and will consider interesting ideas!

Q: Do I need Madman’s Star Wars Ships?
A: No, it is optional, but if you do have it, some ships will be replaced with Star Wars ships.

Q: Should I disable the Rebel Alliance faction added by Outer Rim?
A: It is up to you how “visible” you want the rebels to be. I wanted to give you the option to have your own rebellion, but if you want to be a “part” of the Rebel Alliance then keep the faction enabled!

Additional credits:

Huge thanks especially to the Vanilla Expanded Team and Neronix for their incredible mods, art and advice!

Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters – Vanilla Expanded Team
Outer Rim – Rebel Alliance – Neronix17


Version 1.5
Star Wars Retheme: Vanilla Factions Expanded – Deserters Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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