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Outer Rim – Rebel Alliance Mod

This module for the Outer Rim series of mods covers anything specific to the Rebel Alliance. Primarily the faction itself and anything needed for that.

Aside from anything listed for Outer Rim – Core I am not aware of any incompatibilities.

I have done a decent amount of testing myself, but things will of course slip through the gaps. So…

If you have an issue to report you MUST include a HugsLib log (Ctrl+F12) or I can’t help in most cases.

  • I have this great idea, will you do all the work?
    Nope, I have enough I want to do.
  • Does this mod follow Legends or Canon?
    The mod series follows its own lore as neither translates perfectly to RimWorld, that said it’s primarily based on Canon with Legends where I want to include it, and rarely some fanon.
  • Why can’t we have the All-In-One too?
    I’m not maintaining two versions of a mod and modularity is better for users with how RimWorld loads things.
  • How long has it taken to do all this by yourself?
    It’s been in development since early 2019. So, a while.
  • Is this a Total Conversion?
    Nope! You can absolutely play it as one if you want to, but the end goal is more of an extension than replacement.
  • I can’t find a specific building in the architect menu tab!
    This is one of the mods using my new sub-category system, which allows many more items to fit into a single architect tab, use the sub-category button to navigate the list of sub-categories.

– Neronix17 – Art, XML & C#.
– Lucasfilm & Disney for the basis of this mod, Star Wars. All of it.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]


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