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Stack gap Mod

Author of the Stack gap Mod: Andromeda

Are you really sick of watching pawns carry stuff into not-so-important storages and fill them to brim?
Maybe you don’t need 80 med kits around your prisoner patients, maybe 5 will do?
Maybe divide your deficit shells among the artillery cannons equally?
Would a couple of meals in the dining hall be enough?
Maybe you don’t need to carry rice into the hoppers all day?

But how to do it?
This mod designed to carefully set up your storages!

Stack gap Mod features

You can limit storages from top and bottom stack size:

  • The lower limit means that pawns will not carry items as long as there are more items than a given value.
  • The upper limit means that no more than a given value of things will be inside.
  • Unrestricted storages operate as usual.

Multistack update:

In mod settings you can tune multistack behavior as you wish in three modes:

  • No multistacks.
  • Multistacks enabled globaly.
  • Multistacks can enabled per storage individually.

Limit similar stack update:

  • New additional option to limit similar item stacks in whole storage.
  • Improved mod compatibility.

Compatibility notes

LWM’s Deep Storage – OK
[JDS] Simple Storage – OK
OgreStack – OK
SatisfiedStorage – No sense. This mod does more.
RimWorld Multiplayer – Bad. Testing next update…
Flickable Storage – OK

Must be compatible with any mod that changes stack size.

Pawns stucking in loop when hauling issue: update mod to latest version

Translations: Eng, Rus.

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