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SpeakUp Mod

Author of the SpeakUp Mod: Sergio di Napoli

The SpeakUp Mod is a Social Interaction Framework (SIF) capable of giving voice to your pawns. Let’em speak their mind – let’s hear them out!

Besides giving more narrative immersion and connection with the pawns, the The SpeakUp Mod’s content helps to have a better understanding of what’s going on with them.

For example, whether a pawn:

  • is mad or overjoyed about something
  • is starving or freezing,
  • has a specific trait, high/low skill or passion
  • likes or dislikes some other pawn

You will be able to find this out right away – as the pawn will comment on it with other pawns. The dialogues are shown using the Interaction Bubbles mod by Jaxe.

The SIF, besides allowing for free-form dialogue, presently allows for pawns to speak based on parameters such like:

  • weather (including temperature)
  • traits
  • mood
  • thoughts
  • needs
  • opinion of other pawn in the conversation
  • current task

So for example:

  • if it starts raining, a farmer might say: “This rain will help our crops” whereas a miner would just say “It’s raining”
  • a hungry, angry, brawler pawn might threaten a skilled cook, forcefully asking for cooked food or else
  • a greedy pawn might complain about having an undignified room, and ask a skilled builder/artist to improve it
  • a kind pawn could praise a skilled nurse for her medical or social skills
  • two researchers could exchange physics or chemistry jokes while relaxing around a table
  • an art student might ask his teacher for advice while sculpting a piece of art
  • an abrasive pawn could slight a wimp, ugly pawn by comparing him to an undead chicken

The list of possibilities is truly huge – you can mix and match as many parameters and situations as your imagination allows you – and you can be as detailed or as generic as you wish.

SpeakUp is a framework, ready to be fleshed out. I already filled in lots of content, but of course what I did is just the tip of the iceberg. There are almost infinite dialogue combinations. Since I cannot possibly manage all of them by myself, your help is very welcome – in fact, needed – to create a rich, life-like environment. While one person cannot possibly tackle this, many people around the world can cooperate – each contributing with his or her dialogue idea.

If you wish to help, you can:

  • read the wiki to find out how easy is making your own dialogues and then submit them to me on the related GitHub and/or use them locally in your Rimworld runs;
  • if you really don’t feel like writing XML code, you may suggest or request a dialogue idea in the Discord server, where you can also submit your XML code suggestions;
  • I’m Italian and I live in Brazil, and although I’m a veteran languages teacher, my English is far from perfect – so, if English is your native language, please suggest any improvement for any “weird” dialogue;
  • I mainly write the XML part; the C# part is being managed by JPT, whom I hired to help creating this mod; this means you can choose to contribute with money (just a few USD or EUR is already great help!), so that I will be able to pay him to expand framework functionalities via C# programming.

Since SpeakUp uses vanilla and its derivates, it tends to have high compatibility with other mods – except those which alter . Yet, even full compatible mods may still need XML writing – e.g. if you use Open The Windows or Dubs Bad Hygiene mods, the basic SpeakUp dialogues will be there; yet, there will be no dialogue specifically referring to these two excellent mods, unless someone creates it first by writing specific XML lines. For more details, check the mod compatibility list.

Camera+ is strongly suggested, to zoom in the dialogues, while Adjacent light avoids unexpected darkness comments. SpeakUp and 1-2-3 Personalities authors are in full cooperation mode. SpeakUp should be savegame compatible. Add it midgame – should be fine. Remove it, the worst that might happen is some minor bug in the social logs.

1) Enemy Unknown
Mysterious issues will most probably pop up somewhere, sooner or later.
If you notice any, please report it by carefully following the guidelines here.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being uncooperative and/or strict here – it’s just as simple as that: I can’t debug if I don’t have the required data and this data is solid. So if you don’t provide it correctly, I simply can not – unfortunately – help. Please avoid using the general comments area to report a bug.

2) My very first mod
Yes – I include myself as a “known issue”. It’s my very first mod and, although I hired JPT to help me out with C#, I still have lots to learn. Probably I even miss some basics. As a teacher myself, I’m very eager to learn – so if you have any constructive suggestion, bring it on!

3) No multi-language support (for now!)
If you play in a non-English language, you might see no interactions at all or just a few interactions in English.
As a linguist and languages teacher, of course I’d love to see multilingual content for the SIF. Yet, implementing English alone is a huge endeavor – so, again, I need the community’s help to offer multilingual content. I can manage Italian and Brazilian Portuguese and – to some extent – English, but I’m prioritizing English for now to give more visibility to the mod.
Luckily, a group of helpful people is starting to find ways to translate SpeakUp! Stay tuned — looks like at least Korean and Spanish are going to happen soon!

4) No answer
At times, a pawn won’t react to another. This is tied to vanilla base interaction chance. For instance, if the other pawn is too busy, or too far away, or can’t be seen by the other pawn, the interaction chance is reduced accordingly.

5) Limited interaction types
For now, some interaction types (i.e. prisoner recruiting, animal taming, romance, deep talk …) are not managed, while others are partially managed.

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