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Slay a Faction Challenge

Author of the Slay a Faction Challenge: ireth92RimWorld Base

You’ve had your fair share of enemy raids. It’s time you prove your superiority and take control over this planet, it’s time for war.

Ready your best fighters and feed them well, for this war is going to last a while. You will need to travel across the entire planet until every single of your enemies is counting worms.

To complete this challenge you are free to use any mods you want, some mods that automatize the grunt work on your colony are recommended, so you can focus on the battle lines. Also, you can avoid a faction having too many bases by using the More Vanilla Factions Mod, which will distribute the same number of bases for each faction.

It is not advised to use the Glitter Tech Mod while the duration of this challenge, as it will overpower the enemy faction bases (use at your own risk).

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