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Sailpunk Airships Mod

Author of the Sailpunk Airships Mod: Danadriel

The Sailpunk Airships Mod adds primitive airships to Rimworld, they are slow and use only basic vanilla resources both to construction and refueling,they intended to be used on medieval/tribal colonies (Although they are mostly for medieval uses I’m sure their aesthetic can fit well in to a steampunk themed colony too), they require a considerable amount of resources so don’t expect to use them in the first week.

Sailpunk Airships Mod features


They have a generous range, carry a lot of people and cargo but they are considerably large and frail, and they demand a lot of wood to refuel (keep it in mind in longer trips, you may run out of fuel in a desert) also they are kinda slow!

Compatibility notes

Anything incompatible with SRTS expanded is probably incompatible with the Sailpunk Airships Mod as well. And possibly anything that removes/changes vanilla materials.

Known issues:

  • Airship don’t recognize the fuel (wood/hay) you have on inventory while on caravan: I don’t know how to fix it yet (I think its part of the code of the original mod and I’m not sure I can actually change it) , once on caravan the airship will only recognize Chemfuel as a valid fuel item. BUT you can fix by settling on a tile you landed and refueling the airship manually them abandoning the tile.

I’m not a real programmer, I’m an artist and this mod is a artistic side project I made for fun and mostly for my personal use, so I have to say Thank you very much to the creators of the original SRTS expanded for putting instructions on the original mod, it helped me a lot!


Version 1.5
Sailpunk Airships Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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