SRTS Expanded Mod

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Authors of the SRTS Expanded Mod: Smash Phil, NECEROS

The SRTS Expanded Mod adds new types of transportation ships to send pawns and resources all over the world.

SRTS Expanded Mod features

Short Ranged Transport Shuttle

These are role-specific, tiered flying caravans, meant to load people and cargo and bring it somewhere else — potentially a very long distance, and back again. These act like drop pods, but are not one use — when you bring it back home you choose where to land and disembark. It’s a fully working flying vessel.

Great for hauling cargo, trading with factions, assaulting points of interest on your world map, and so much more. Acts as both a caravan and a drop pod. Shuttles are equipped with an internal power plant to produce electricity. Interacts with Rimefeller pipes for auto refueling!

Did we mention carpet bombing yet? Yeah. Carpet bombing.

Want to add your own ships? No problem! Support for unlimited types of ships: design your own ships and fly them!

Add it to a save.

Thank you to Aquamarine for ship graphics!

The Superpod

Three amped up transport pods (slapped together with a generous application of duct-tape,) with steering so you can return home in mostly one piece.


The Skip

A small transport ship designed for a few people, and a little bit of cargo. Small and quick. Relatively cheap and built with off-the-shelf components.



A simple freighter design used across nearly every homeworld. This lady is large, so handle her with care.


The Albatross

Originally designed for exoplanetary exploration, a stripped down Albatross X-11 makes for a perfect shuttle upgrade. Better in almost every way to its predecessors.


The Phoenix

This design washed up in our databanks a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that we understood what it meant. This new ship design uses an intricate chemical process to infuse the building materials with a mesh-network, effectively removing the need for many ship-components we use today.



Description intentionally left blank. Find out more by playing!

Compatibility notes

Official SRTS Expanded Mod Patches:

  • Realism Patch changes everything to be more expensive, pushing these ships much later in the end-game.
  • Simple Materials removes the component system so you can build with base rimworld materials.


  • Multiplayer mod: You will not be able to actually load anything into the ship. It won’t work. Sorry.
  • Frontier’s Development Shields: The ships will not be able to land within the shield zone even if the shields are turned off. Temporarily reduce your shields to 1 radius to takeoff and land your ships.

Huge Thanks & Credits

  • Smash Phil is the master coder!
  • Aquamarine for ship graphics!
  • Thanks to TechnoFox for creating SRTS, originally based on work by AKreedz风影!
  • Thank you to the Rimworld Discord community, especially Jamaican Castle, Pelador, and dninemfive.
  • Proxyer for Japanese translation
  • Chinese translation

Join up the Official Discord Channel to discuss the SRTS Expanded Mod!

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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The SRTS Expanded Mod makes exploring the planet much more fun for late game stages. No longer will your pawns be left stranded far away from home after traveling with a drop pod. Unless you forgot to bring enough fuel for the way back, that is…

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