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RWBY World of Remnant Mod

Author of the RWBY World of Remnant Mod: Carny Senpai

The RWBY World of Remnant Mod adds a lot features inspired by the anime RWBY to RimWorld.

RWBY World of Remnant Mod features


Dust can be found found scattered around the world in form of raw Dust or underground. You can mine Dust just like steel. After researching Dust processing, you can refine the mined dust crystals into powdered dust at the Dust workshop. All forms of Dust are highly explosive and can be thrown. Pawns will automatically collect ammunition like Dust crystals or powder if their weapons or abilities use them. Additionally you can right click Dust to pick it up manually. Aura users can inject themselves with Dust crystals to greatly strenghten their Aura, but this will cause alot of pain. The effects will get stronger and more painful the more crystals are injected.


The list of weapons is long, currently this mod contains the weapons of 21 RWBY characters. All weapons are fully functional like in the anime. You can craft weapons at the Dust workshop after researching Dust weapons. Weapons need Dust crystals for crafting and powdered Dust as ammunition for weapon special abilities. Transforming weapons does not need Dust.

  • Adam: Wilt and Blush (katana and pistol)
  • Alistair: Sharp Retribution (bladed gauntlets with autopistol)
  • Blake: Gambol Shroud (katana, cleaver and automatic pistol)
  • Cinder: bow and dual blades (+the weapons her Semblance creates)
  • Coco: handbag and minigun
  • Emerald: gun and sickle + Kusarigama ability
  • Jaune: Crocea Mors (sword, shield and twohander)
  • Neopolitan: Umbrella (closed, blade and open, which additionally functions as a shield)
  • Nora: Magnhild (grenade launcher and hammer)
  • Oobleck: Thermos (thermos and torch)
  • Port: Blunderbuss (fire shooting shotgun and axe)
  • Qrow: Harbinger (sword and scythe)
  • Pyrrha: Milo and Akouo (xiphos, shield, rifle and javelin)
  • Raven: katana and scabbard
  • Ren: StormFlower (dual automatic pistols)
  • Roman: Melodic Cudgel (cane and hook)
  • Ruby: Crescent Rose (scythe, sniper rifle and assault rifle)
  • Velvet: Camera + Box (fully functional with light copies)
  • Weiss: Myrtenaster (rapier)
  • Yang: Ember Celica (bracelets)
  • Yatsuhashi: Fulcrum (great sword with defensive capabilities)


Pawns with the Aura trait will have an Aura. Aura functions like a personal shield, but will not prevent shooting etc. Personal shields are damaged before the Aura, because the Aura protects directly the body and nothing more. After being damaged Aura takes some time before it starts to regenerate. Also it will only regenerate if the pawn is not in combat. If the pawn is hurt, Aura will slowly be consumed to heal the wounds. Does not work for diseases etc. If the Aura is depleted AND the pawn is hurt, it will take a long time to regenerate or heal the wounds. The natural healing process will still continue. Pawns can naturally unlock their Aura and gain the Aura trait.


Semblances are traits and bring their own Aura. Currently there are 12 Semblances. Pawns can develop: nothing -> Aura -> Semblance. Pawns with a Semblance will have special abilities, which consume Aura when used. (functions similar to A Rimworld of Magic). Some abilities are passive and will be used automatically (for example Blake´s shadow clones). If you know the anime RWBY, you will know what each Semblance does and can take a guess on how to unlock them. Unlocking Semblances is not guaranteed though and may happen naturally as the pawns develop their character.

  • Blake: Chance to dodge damage and leave a shadow clone behind
  • Cinder: Summon mines, shoot crystals, create temporarily weapons
  • Hazel: Renders you immune to pain for a short time
  • Jaune: Strengthen own Aura, transfer part of own Aura to other
  • Nora: Immune to lightning damage, gets buffed instead and restore Aura
  • Pyrrha: Magnetic abilities, can dodge melee attacks from magnetic weapons
  • Qrow: Brings bad luck to everyone, not only your enemies
  • Raven: Form permanent bonds with people and create portals to bonded people
  • Ren: Temporarily hide emotions to be safe from Grimm
  • Ruby: Really fast, can dash long distances and may carry a pawn
  • Weiss: Summon avatars, create a slowing time dilation glyph
  • Yang: Stores taken damage, can unleash the damage onto enemies in melee


This mod adds Atlas, Mistral, Vacuo and Vale as a faction. These factions can visit with Dust traders. Naturally Dust is a limited resource, but with traders you will never run out of Dust… for a certain price of course.


Grimm will sometimes raid you. There is nothing to gain from these raids, only despair. There is no hiding from them. They don’t need to see you. As long as Grimm can sense your negative emotions, they will hunt you. The chance to get raided by Grimm increases if the mood in your colony is low and decreases if the mood is high.


There are new events… but you’ll have discover them on your own. We don’t want to spoil it for you 🙂

Compatibility notes

The RWBY World of Remnant Mod should work with every mod except Combat Extended.

Run and Gun doesn’t like weapon abilities that shoot projectiles like Crescent Rose’s Dust bullets. To make it work you need to forbid the pawn to use Run and Gun with such weapons.

Weapon Storage, Dual Wield and Simple Sidearms show a little bit weird behaviour together with transformable weapons.


Version 1.4
RWBY World of Remnant Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4


Older versions:

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