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RPG Style Inventory Revamped Mod

Author of the RPG Style Inventory Revamped Mod: avil

The RPG Style Inventory Revamped Mod introduces an RPG style representation of the pawn’s Gear Tab. That’s a revamped version by avilmask. Orginal mod: RPG Style Inventory by Sandy.

So, what the point of this yetanotherfork of an original mod? When I liked that mod’ve reverted to original layout, I was greatly unsatisfied with how it treated empty space. And I didn’t really hate the “new” layout, I just thought it was unfinished and could be better. So I’ve collected the most of issues that mod had and addressed them in that fork.

RPG Style Inventory Revamped Mod features

  • None of the slots are hardcoded. They’re still pre-defined, but through xml-defs;
  • Mod figures out empty columns and rows of slots and removes them;
  • Anchor mechanic helps the mod to deal with “mosaic” empty spaces between slots, making it look more consolidated;
  • Gear that didn’t fit in the slots now displayed as a separate list of items;
  • An option to RETURN “NEW” LAYOUT (called “simplified” in that mod, the “simple” switch). Hey, not everyone hated it. In fact, a
  • Lots of people that used alien races liked it. That’s why I’ve made it possible to save the sate on race-by-race basis, so you can look at normal pawns using classic layout, and at exotic ones using simplified layout;
  • You can now see, which slots are available to you, mod will show empty slots for them. Mod doesn’t show slots for items that don’t exist in your game, but you can enable it in options if you wish so. Mod also doesn’t display undefined slots;
  • Border is thinner (so it fits default background) and color codes can be changed or disabled;
  • A separate health bar that is displayed over an item. You still can return the old “background” health bar in options;
  • It’s now visible if item takes more than one slot;

The same way as with original mod, it’s completely cosmetic, neither adds or removes anything, so it’s completely safe to add or remove midgame.

That said, this mod is still purely cosmetic, just like original mod. It doesn’t add any additional interactions with items and inventory.

Compatibility notes

  • It doesn’t require any additional mods to work;
  • It’s compatible with A Rimworld of Magic (due to integration patch made by an author himself in original mod);
  • It’s compatible with Combat Extended, but I’m not sure how well. I’ve made a compatibility patch myself, but didn’t really test it because I never played CE. So feedback is welcome;
  • I’ve reused color selector from Quality Colors mod by legodude17, so here’s a credit.
  • It’s compatible with sidearms;
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