RimCuisine 2 Collection

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Welcome to RimCuisine 2! This pack is focused on adding new crops and food types for your pawns to enjoy while they suffer horribly here on the Rim!

RimCuisine 2 Core Mod

The main mod which adds most of the new crops, a starting collection of snacks and drinks, as well as new food preservation techniques and recipes.

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RimCuisine 2 Meals and Munchies Expansion

From cupcakes to cheese to canned goods, make all sorts of new goodies and meals for your pawns to gorge themselves on before they die horribly of extreme violence.

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RimCuisine 2: Bottling and Booze Expansion

Adds 19 types of alcohol and a variety of new non-alcoholic drinks for your pawns to enjoy.

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RimCuisine 2: Smokes and Shrooms Expansion

New drugs that come in a variety of flavors, ranging from pain-killing Zopioids (opioids), to tobacco, all the way to sunshine (lsd), shrooms, tango (fentanyl), blue sky (meth) and… Soldier Pills!

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