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Rimworld Community Challenge #1: The Bleakbeak Tribe

Author of the Rimworld Community Challenge #1: The Bleakbeak Tribe: kerempengkerenkerempengkeren

The Bleakbeak Tribe is the worshiper of the Avian God. It is said that their ancestors were descendants from birds and returned to their real form as they died. Birds are considered sacred, and killing one is punishable by death.

Challenge rules

  • The tribe’s starting animal is the Avatar.
  • The Avatar can only be an Emu, a Cassowary or an Ostrich.
  • The Avatar must NOT be killed unless it has an offspring of the same gender, who will become the next Avatar.
  • The members of the tribe must NOT kill any kinds of bird, not even chickens or turkeys.
  • The member of the tribe must NOT eat any kind of bird meat or bird eggs.
  • Killing or eating birds is punishable by death. The corpse of the apostate must be fed to the Avatar (in the form of raw meat or  kibble).
  • Dead colony birds must be buried in a sarcophagus.
  • [Optional] Buy every Emu, Cassowary, and Ostrich sold by traders.
  • [Optional] Tame every Emu, Cassowary, and Ostrich that shows up in the map.
  • [Optional] The tribe may only have birds as tamed animals, any other animals must be slaughtered.

Additional rules

  • Mods are allowed. EdB Prepare Carefully is recommended. A Dog Said is also allowed, but remember: if you kill the Avatar during surgery you lose the game.
  • Dev mode is not prohibited. Its your game, and your choice to use dev mode. But I’ll tell you, you’ll get bored pretty quickly if you use it 
  • You are free to choose your preferred storyteller and difficulty

Challenge goals

  • The Avatar survives until the start of the next challenge announced on the RimWorld Community Facebook Group (a new challenge is announced every month).
  • [Optional] Escape the RimWorld with the Avatar.

Scenario starting conditions

Your faction will be a New Tribe. You will start with 3 people, chosen from 5.

  • Emu x1
  • Wood x300
  • Pemmican x150
  • Silver x100
  • Wooden ikwa
  • Wooden war mask
  • Cloth war veil x2
  • Short bow x2
  • Herbal medicine x10


Version 1.5
Rimworld Community Challenge #1: The Bleakbeak Tribe is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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