RimWorld Mods

ResearchPal Mod

Author of the ResearchPal Mod: Charlotte

The ResearchPal Mod replaces the default Research Tab with a completely redesigned layout with expanded features, making researching a breeze!

ResearchPal Mod features

  • Alternative Research Tab. Looks pretty, is useful. You can learn what your research will unlock, which things will be available and what depends on it.
  • Research Queue. You have a plan in mind, execute it with no interruptions.
  • Mod Aware. Researches introduced by other mods will be placed properly, as if they were integrated in the game.
  • HelpTab Support. If the Helptab Mod is loaded, right clicking it will open the relevant help.

Compatibility notes

The ResearchPal Mod is incompatible with the Organized Research Tab and Research Scrollbars mods. It can be added and removed from saved games without breaking them.

Additional credits: A17 Update by NotFood, A16 Update by Skyarkhangel and original mod by Fluffy.

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