RimWorld Mods

HelpTab Mod

Author of the HelpTab Mod: Charlotte

HelpTab is a comprehensive help database. It works as an in-game wiki that will replace the default help tab.

HelpTab features

  • Simple. All the information about everything compiled in a neat catalog of things, explore what your world offers, with detail! Everything is connected, navigate at your heart’s content.
  • Resourceful. Do you want to know how to build something? What you need to research to obtain it? No more digging inside xml to learn what needs to be done. Just search it and discover!
  • Shortcuts. Do you know the research name? Find it with the search by text toolbox and research right from the HelpTab.
  • Flexible. Supports everything any other mod adds. The perfect companion for navigating those complex mods.


A17 Update by NotFood.
A16 Update by Skyarkhangel.
Original mod by Fluffy.


Version 1.4
HelpTab Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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