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ReGrowth: Tropical Mod

Authors of the ReGrowth: Tropical Mod: Helixien, Tidal

What is ReGrowth?

ReGrowth is a mod deeply influenced by the philosophy of the Vanilla Expanded Series and the understanding how biomes work, what role they play in your game. Everything added was made to fit or mirror vanilla. From a simple UI texture to a new more complex system,being as performance and vanilla friendly is the main objective we have.

This is the module for the tropical biomes, adding new trees, terrain and plants to enhance how it looks and make it more unique.

ReGrowth is designed to be as lightweight as possible, adding the minimum of new code required for its auditions to work.

ReGrowth: Tropical Mod features


Q: Can this mod be added to an existing save?
A: Yes it can, but be aware some content like new terrain might require a new save to fully work.

Q: Can this mod be removed from a save?
A: It depends. Technically it can be, but I will not provide support if you do.

Q: Can I use other mods that do similar changes to the game? (GreenRim, etc.)
A: Probably yes, but I can’t guarantee that everything works as it should.

Q: Is this mod part of the Vanilla Expanded Series?
A: No, while you might see similar people attached, it is NOT a Vanilla Expanded mod.

Additional credits:

  • Textures are made by Alastair and me.
  • XML and patches are done by me.
  • Preview image by Oskar.

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