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ReGrowth: ReTextures Mod

Author of the ReGrowth: ReTextures Mod: Helixien

What is ReGrowth?

ReGrowth is a mod deeply influenced by the philosophy of the Vanilla Expanded Series and my understanding of how biomes should work, what role they play in your game. Everything added was made to fit or mirror vanilla Rimworld, while improving on it. From a simple texture to a new more complex system,being as performance and vanilla friendly is the main objective we have.

This mod is the Retexture module, which includes any and all retextures made for the game by us. It used to be included in the Core module, but is now split into its own by popular demand.

ReGrowth: ReTextures Mod features

Compatibility notes

These are all the mods we currently support from our end:

  • Vanilla Textures Expanded: Load my mod after it!


Q: Can this mod be added to an existing save?
A: Yes it can be!

Q: Can this mod be removed from a save?
A: Yes again, it can be!

Q: Can I use this with other retexture mods?
A: Yes, please note that some changes done by this mod can not be overwritten by other mods, due to texture path changes. This is done to allow the user, that’s you, to disable certain retextures.

Q: Is this mod part of the Vanilla Expanded Series?
A: No.

Q: Mod settings don’t work!?
A: Make sure to restart the game! Most options require a restart.

Additional credits:

  • Textures are made by Visandar, Sir Van and my humble self.
  • XML and patches are done by me.
  • Thanks to Cosmo Corban for his solution to the leafless texture bug.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester and he wants you to finally buy his book!


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