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Red Horse Furniture Mod

Author of the Red Horse Furniture Mod: Chicken Plucker

The Red Horse Furniture Mod adds  Military furniture and Camping Equipment.

Red Horse Furniture Mod features

  • Camo sleeping bags
  • Mission boards that allow players to start their own operations at the cost of silver, or recruit new colonists and contractors
  • Military Radio/Red Phone, allowing players to contact friendlies for QRF or Patrols at the cost of silver
  • Various office furniture, and a black hat station for silver production
  • Various medical equipment, an expansion on medical tech that enhances treatment quality
  • Tacticool Radio and various radio textures from STALKER, Portal and Fallout along with over 30+ songs
  • Tacticool Fridge to store medicine, drugs and food in
  • VR Training that enables pawns to enhance their skill stats (seen as the arcade machines)
  • Various vending machines and food items purchasable with silver
  • Portable camping stove
  • Many more!

Why is the mod 160 MB?

This is not due to sheer content or textures. This mod is 150MB due to the songlist in the radio building. It doesn’t impact performance because it is only sound files.

Compatibility notes

The Red Horse Furniture is compatible with the Multiplayer Mod.

Additional credits:

  • Chicken Plucker
  • Jecrell
  • Albion
  • Odstriman
  • mrofa
  • CaptainJuicy – Training console coding and idea!
  • Spudskatr
  • Various Sketchfab community artists
  • Valve
  • Sourcefilmmaker community
  • Rimworld modding community
  • Ludeon forums community, Madman and Canute
  • MPCT College, to that bloody Streatham Hero


Version 1.4
Red Horse Furniture Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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