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Recon And Discovery Mod

Authors of the Recon And Discovery Mod: SeveralPuffins, IceMaverick , Mlie

It’s become a big ol’ world out there since colonists first noticed that objects existed at more than 1km away, but it’s still a little sparse on this RimWorld. Recon and Discovery introduces some big risk, big reward missions to tempt you shut-ins to go for a walk in the big wide open!

Recon And Discovery Features

New Sites

  • Crashed ships: What will you find inside? A wealth of treasures? A crew in need of help? A horde of flesh-eating chinchillas? All three!? It’s probably all three. Whatever it is, be quick, because you’re not the only one who saw the ship come down.
  • Lost labs: There’s a rumour going around that luciferium addiction can be cured. Did the scientists here succeed, or will you get a dose of half-crazed nanites, sick of being poked and prodded?
  • Ancient castles: You finally pinpoint the source of one of these damned psychic drones! Is the technology to overcome death itself here on this planet?
  • Abandoned colonies: Did any people survive what happened here? Are they human?

Hi-tech rewards from missions!

Don’t read on if you don’t want to spoil the mysteries!

  • Holo-emitters: Scan HoloDisks taken of people of extraordinary talent, or scan the brains of the recently dead to revive them holographically. Transfer a colonist instantly to a new emitter across the map! The convenience! the immortality! The unfortunate nudity as all their clothes fall off! Just remember, they can’t step out of range of their emitter ever again.
  • Teleporters: Slow to charge, but able to recover any living creature from anywhere on the planet. How will you use it? To rescue your people at the last minute? Or to slowly fill a deep, dark cave with your confused, hungry enemies?
  • Deflectors: Sick of your food all rotting because Randy decided to heat wave your solar flare? Or loosing your best doctor to electrical disturbances because they happen to be a hologram? Protect a small area of your colony from such disruptions by installing a salvaged deflector dish!
  • Gattling Lasers: Built for space combat, these weapons will roast your enemies, and indeed anything else in between or within several yards. Just don’t expect to recover much from the bodies, and be ready to fight the huge fire this will start.
  • Devillo: Large, horned intelligent genetically engineered muffalo that secrete devilstrand into their wool. Their milk, devilcream, is also extraordinarily rich and nutritious (and, I will grant, stupidly named- look, these things only exist because GracieRocket like highland cows).
  • Osiris Caskets: An advanced Cryptosleep casket design, these caskets direct an army of luciferium nanites to restore health, reverse ageing and even to revive the recently dead, if at the cost of developing an addiction to the nanites. The power drain while active is extraordinary, and the EM field tends to cause hairs to stand on end, storms, to spontaneously begin, and power surges, so make sure you’ve got enough juice for your mad gothic experiments! Also I can’t, or more honestly don’t want to, stop colonists from putting their dead cats in here.
  • Seraphites: A self-replicating luciferium nanite. Could these little blue pills cure the worst cravings of your colonists?
  • Portable generators: Need power on these trips away from home? Want some incongruous flood lights when you Step Up Camp? Look no further! A low-output, long-lasting portable chemfuel generator, good for about 8 days usage. Credit to DeadlyReg for first burning fossil fuels out on the rim!

With the Recon and Discovery Mod your game will become a much more engaging experience that will challenge your colony onto taking new adventures. Don’t just stay inside, go out and discover!

Continued by Mlie!!

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