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Primitive Workbenches Mod

Author of the Primitive Workbenches Mod: velcroboy333

An overhauled Primitive RimWorld. The Primitive Workbenches Mod adds neolithic age production benches and resources.NOTE: For optimal compatibility, place near the bottom of the modlist.

Primitive Workbenches Mod features

New Workbenches Include:

  • Research Spot
  • Research Table
  • Primitive Crafting Table
  • Stone Butcher Table
  • Stone Kiln
  • Primitive Tailoring Table
  • Primitive Loom
  • Stone-cutting Spot
  • Masonry Table
  • Herbalist and Spirit Making Table
  • Melee Weapon Bench
  • Ranged Weapon Bench
  • Primitive Styling Station (Ideology)
  • Primitive Tool Table-Speeds up work
  • Primitive Tablet Table-Speeds up research
  • Hay and Leather Beds
  • Hay walls
  • Waste Disposal-Stone Pot & Woven Basket
  • Primitive Metallurgy Station

Gameplay Changes

  • Medieval technology and up is locked behind primitive research. You will start with only the Primitive Research Spot.
  • Stone-cutting spot has been added for attaining flint and stone blocks early game.
  • Flint is a new resource that will be needed for neolithic weapons and tools Additionally, campfires require 2 pieces of flint to build. If you don’t like this change, you can use this patch to revert back to vanilla recipe. All scenarios are patched to give some flint and limestone on new maps.
  • Flint can be processed from limestone or bought from traders. (Stones from mods: Obsidian and Rose Quartz will also yield flint) Note: Starting on a map with no limestone will be extra challenging. If that is not a challenge you enjoy, I have made a patch here so you can craft flint from any stone type.
  • Haycloth can be made from hay for a new textile.
  • Adobe bricks can be made and fired in the Primitive Kiln.
  • Pottery and other art can be made in the kiln.
  • Totems for meditation and beauty can be constructed. There are Forest Animal, Rim Creature, Insect, and Bone* versions.
    *When RoM-Bones, Medieval Overhaul, or [O21] Outland – Core are loaded.
  • Extract teeth from carnivores for crafting special weapons.
  • Neolithic weapons.-Primitive Spear, Sharpened Stick, Flint Knife, Atlatl, Boomerang, and Throwing Rocks.
  • New!-Thrumbo Chopper⁵, Rabbit Stick, Tooth Club, Tooth Axe, Fang Club³, Sugliin⁴/⁵, Bone Spear¹, Bamboo Spear², and Bamboo-Bone Spear¹/².
    ¹When RoM-Bones, Medieval Overhaul, or [O21] Outland – Core is loaded.
    ²When VGP Vegetable Garden is loaded.
    ³When Magafauna is loaded will use Smilodon Fangs. Otherwise will default to Carnivore Teeth.
    ⁴When either VFE-Vikings(Lothurr Antler) or Deer Extension(Caribou Antler) is loaded.
    ⁵Recommended to use Enable Oversized Weapons for bigger draw size.

Compatibility notes

LOTS of mod compatibility and integration.
Flint weapons and other crafting

Vanilla Weapons Expanded
ZARS Tribalism
Taki’s Random Stuff + (continued)
Rim of Madness – Bones
Medieval Times Unofficial Update (+No Nanite/Legendary version)
Ivory and Jade Carving (Continued)
Blessed Tribal Apparel
Medieval Madness: Tools of the Trade
Dead Goat’s Weapon Pack(continued)
[O21] Dragons Not Included
Anesthetic Blowgun MOD
Arrow Please
Melee Please (Continued)
Warhammer: Deathjacks
Clockwork Rimworld – Buildings and Modules.
Westerado (Continued)
More Melee Weapons!
Early Firearms mod
Rimworld Westernization Project (Continued)
Door Mat
[SYR] Doormats
The Black Armory
Kit’s Gunpowder Weapons
Vanilla Weapons Expanded – Tribal
Tribal Warrior Set!
Stone Axe
[LDS} Ammunition
[Fuu] Uncompromising Tribal Faction
VGP Vegetable Garden

Adobe and Pottery

Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Art
Fantasy Goblins Updated
Ceramics VFE
Fertile Fields
RimCookie – Aesthetic Materials
Project RimFactory- Materials
Expanded Materials – Stones and Mortars

Process flint from Chalk and Obsidian

[K]Extra Stone
[K]Extra Stone(w/ Cupro’s Textures)
Alpha Biomes
Cupro’s Stones

Hay Cribs

Age Matters 2.0 [1.2]
Children, school and learning
Children and Pregnancy
Babies and Children

Poly Beds

Psychology (unofficial 1.1/1.2)
Rational Romance 2 (Continued)
[RF] Rational Romance (Continued)

Production bench and facility integration

Vanilla Furniture Expanded
Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Production
Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Medical Module
More Furniture [1.1 + 1.2]
Gloomy Extra – Kitchen
UN-Furniture (Continued)
UN-Colony [1.2]
【ZP】Rice cultivating civilization【1.1】
Tribal Signal Fire (Continued)
Project RimFactory Revived
JPT Human Resources
Simple FX: Smoke
Thinking Spot
Early Times
Colony Manager
Medieval Overhaul
Stony Campfire
Proxy Heat
VGP Garden Fabrics
[O21] Outland – Core
Research Data

Texture Credits: Mrofa, Kasmex, sTiKyt, and Hydromancerx

Incompatible Mods: Combat Extended.

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Version 1.5
Primitive Workbenches Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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