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Phaneron’s Basic Storage Mod

Author of the Phaneron’s Basic Storage Mod: Phaneron

Here we go again, another storage mod. Basic Storage is meant as an attempt to give players highly varied storage options beyond the vanilla shelves, without cluttering the menu with dozens of different buildings.

Basic Storage uses the Adaptive Storage Framework (ASF) to achieve this. It allows for the textures of buildings to change depending on what and how much is stored in them. For example, this means a single building can look completely different depending on if it stores wood or steel, leading to less clutter in your menu. Additionally, some buildings have different textures depending on which way they are rotated. Buildings that change depending on what they store usually have more than one stage to show how many stacks of that specific items are stored in it.

What you need to do to change the appearance of any given building is mentioned in the info text of each building and indicated by which kind of arrow is next to their name on the infographics below.

Phaneron’s Basic Storage Mod features

This mod is supposed to fit fairly well into the game and give players more visual variety, not replace shelves. This means, while some of the buildings can store more stacks than shelves, they cost more and most of the time are far more restricted in what they store. There are some buildings that can store items you can’t normally store in shelves, though their material cost reflects this.

This mod also adds two new research projects, Neolithic Storage, which currently only has one building in it (future additions will likely change that), and Complex Storage, which unlocks the rest. Some of the buildings in Complex Storage also need other research projects to be unlocked before they become available.

Compatibility notes

Some of the textures in this mod are based on retextures I did for already existing storage mods or other mods I did textures for. Even though most of them are changed to some degree and there are plenty of new ones, you might have some very similar looking buildings in your menu if you also use those mods. As this mod is meant to declutter your menu, they are not meant to be used together, but it should be fully compatible with any other storage mod.

(Not in the current version because of a bug) Basic Storage also changes how items are displayed on shelves, simply because I can and I hate how disorderly items on shelves look normally. Because of how the ASF works, this isn’t retroactive, meaning all shelves build before this mod was activated need to be replaced for this to take effect.

For bugs, typos, values that should be changed etc. please comment below.

Suggestions for new buildings are welcome, but this is supposed to be a fairly lightweight mod, so I will be selective with what I add.

Additional credits:

– Thanks to Sir Van for the awesome steel retexture that the steel in the Small Crates and Metal Crates is based on.
– Thanks to Bradson who created the Adaptive Storage Framework which makes this mod possible.
– Shoutout to JANGOD’SOUL and the Simple Storage mod that I’ve used for hundreds of hours and that inspired this mod.

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