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Outland – Toxic Forest Mod

Authors of the Outland – Toxic Forest Mod: Neronix17, Erin

Standalone module for Outland, adding the Toxic Forest biome, a deadly place with a very low chance of surviving if you don’t go prepared. The biome is a completely unique ecosystem of thriving toxic flora inhabited by several animals that have adapted to live comfortably in the biome.

Yes, this is very clearly inspired by “Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind” by Studio Ghibli, but it’s not intended to be a perfect RimWorld recreation by any means.

Outland – Toxic Forest Mod features

Beyond the biome itself there’s some additional content included that’ll make life a little easier in toxic biomes. There’s some crops that produce food items that can be used to create meals that absorb toxic buildup, and some animals that are fully immune to toxic environments and capable of filling typical roles as mounts or pack animals.

If you use Outland – Core you’ll also have a scenario, some tox resistant apparel and a low tech slow firing rifle available to you.

Compatibility notes

Aside from Combat Extended which isn’t supported by me for any of my mods even if they patch it on their end, I am not aware of any potential incompatibilities.


  • Will you add [whatever thing]?
    I don’t respond to these questions here. It’s a perk of being a Patreon to get answers to that, along with previews long before they’re done.
  • When will we get [insert module]?
    I don’t do public release dates, clearly I have trouble sticking to them so best I only disappoint myself.
  • I have this great idea, will you do all the work?
    Kark no! While you think your idea is great or even necessary, I make what I want, not what you want.
  • Can you add a setting to change [something]?
    No. If it’s not already a setting, I won’t add it on request.
  • Why not do [random content] as a standalone?
    Because I don’t want to. All the reason I need.
  • So I don’t need Outland – Core or Outland – Terrain for the biome?
    Nope! Both are optional, it’s meant to be played with those but you can totally play without them. Biotech includes methods for tox environment protection so it’s totally survivable with that.
  • Why is there two different visuals in the preview??
    Answered in the first screenshot! One side shows how it looks with vanilla only, and the other shows what it looks like with Outland – Terrain, the latter being the intended look of the biome.
  • Can I add this to an existing save?
    Biomes are only generated when the world is at the start of the game, so no this won’t really work well if you do.

Additional credits:
– Neronix17 – XML & C# plus some of the art.
– Erin – Majority of the amazing art, check out her Workshop and Patreon!
– The creators of the used frameworks for those.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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