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Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Xenobiologis – Orkoids Race Mod

Author of the Adeptus Mechanicus Magos Xenobiologis – Orkoids Race Mod: Ogliss

The Orkoids Race Mod introduces a playable race of orcs from Warhammer 40k. The Ork race is a lightweight race that works in heavily modded games.

Orkoids Race Mod features


  • Orks – Humanlike
  • Grots – Humanlike
  • Snotlings – Animal
  • Squigs – Animal


  • Ork Armour
  • Ork ‘Eavy Armour
  • Ork Mega Armour
  • Wargear: Stikkbomb Packs (Frag, Krak, Tankbusta)

Plants and Resources

Orkoid Fungus – the symbiotic fungus that is essential the orkoid ecosystem, it is a source of food, Squigs, Snotlings, Grots and Orks
Orkoid Cocoons.


Symbiotic Fungus – All Orkoids originate from the same strain of fungal spores, which can mature into a might warboss, or a tiny mushroom.

Compatibility notes

The Orkoids Race Mod includes a compatability patch for the latest version of Combat Extended. It requires new start or a faction manager mod such as Faction Discovery to have faction bases on the world map.

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