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Moonlight Mod

Author of the Moonlight Mod: Owlchemist

Inspired by the mod Realistic Darkness, the Moonlight Mod varies the level of darkness each night.

Moonlight Mod features

The night’s illumination gradually shifts night by night. Some notable nights include:

  • New moon: The darkest nights will be at the start of each season, on the 1st. Users of Realistic Darkness will be familiar with this level of darkness.
  • Full Moon: On the 8th and 9th, the nights will resemble ordinary vanilla darkness.
  • Crescent Moons: A couple days apart from the new moon, the darkness levels will resemble about what you’d see with Realistic Darkness Lite.

Compatibility notes

This is just a graphical mod and does not touch the gameplay mechanics in any way. It can be added or removed from games at any time no problem. It has no notable performance impact. All it does is run a few numbers to edit the weather defs’ illumination configuration once per day.


I did not set out to create a realistic, simulated moon phase cycle, especially since RimWorld is potentially described as having multiple moons. The moonlight is simplified to synchronize with the seasons. Ultimately, this mod was just an approach making the nights a bit more visually dynamic, is all.

Due to the way time zones work across the planet, there may be some quirky but harmless behavior if you have multiple colonies separated by over 6 hours time. I’m still investigating on if this can be resolved or not.

Compatibility with other mods

  • This is a pure code mod and works with any and all mods that add new weather defs.
  • Save our Ship 2’s special outer space weather has been excluded from being touched.
  • Not exactly compatible with Realistic Darkness, as the two mods’ darkening effects will be additive and create super-dark nights.

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