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Misc. Robots++ Mod

Author of the Misc. Robots++ Mod: Alæstor

The Misc. Robots++ Mod contains four multi-talented robots to serve your colony. It also adds a research tab, materials, and a new Robotics workbench for crafting the Misc. Robots and Robots++ objects.

Misc. Robots++ Mod features

The four robots added by the Misc. Robots++ Mod combine multiple abilities to perform common colony tasks.

  • Kitchen Bot. A unit capable of cooking, as well as sowing and cutting plants. A useful robot both in the kitchen, and on the farm.
  • Crafter Bot. A unit capable of smithing, tailoring, and crafting. The perfect slaves for an automated assembly line!
  • Builder Bot. A Builder unit capable of constructing, deconstructing, repairing, and mining. It will also cut plants that are in the way, but may not be used for farming.
  • ER Bot. An Emergency Response unit capable of treating patients and fighting fires. Don’t be scared of the needle; it wont hurt (much).
  • Omni Bot. The OmniBot is at the end of the techtree and requires you to research all of the other robots first. The OmniBot can do the jobs of all the other robots.

The Misc. Robots++ Mod also changes the Hauling and Cleaning robots from the original Miscellaneous Robots.

Robots are craftable!

With the Misc. Robots++ Mod you can now craft the robots instead of waiting for traders! You will need to do the required robotic research in order to build a specific robot. Each tier of robot has it’s own robotic matrix which is crafted from robotic components and various resources.

It’s important to note that it’s cheaper to craft robots and their materials than to buy them from the Robots and Exotic traders. So much so you can actually turn a profit by selling them!

There are five tiers of robots and research:

  1. Simple robots have Amateur skills (4),
  2. Basic robots have Professional skills (8),
  3. Intermediate robots have Master skills (13),
  4. Advanced robots have System-Class Master skills (16),
  5. Anti-Logic robots like the OmniBot have GodLike skills (20).

Each tier has a faster movement speed and more fire resistance than the previous.

Important notes

The Misc. Robots++ Mod was made using the “Misc. Robots Xtension” provided by Haplo.

The functionality to repair and butcher destroyed robots is handled by the parent mod Misc. Robots and hasn’t yet been implemented.

Some issues caused by the Misc. Robots++ Mod can be solved by including the following patches into the game. The mod will work without them, but it’s recommended that you include them into your mods list too: Artful Robots Patch and Butcher Mood & prisoner feed fixes.

Load all these mods as close to the top of the list as you can (always after the libraries).

Compatibility notes

The Misc. Robots++ Mod is incompatible with Static Quality Plus (builder bots throw errors on construction).

Please, place this mod and all its dependencies as close to the top as possible. For example:

  • Core
  • Miscellanous ‘Core’
  • Misc Robots
  • Misc Robots++

The Misc. Robots++ Mod is available in English, French (Amarin972), Chinese Simplified (Duduluu) and Chinese Traditional (Alane).

Original Ludeon Forums thread.


Version 1.5
Misc. Robots++ Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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