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Medieval Overhaul: Barbarians Mod

Author of the Medieval Overhaul: Barbarians Mod: pphhyy

This is the first Mod I started working on so the art is dated since im releasing it 3 years after i started working on it! You’re welcome!

Barbarians Mod brings a new faction and a new way of life for the player!
Recommended to start as a tribal and research barbs.

Medieval Overhaul: Barbarians Mod features

Have you ever thought crafting is for slaves and the weak, boy do i have a mod for you! In Barbs you fight and kill your enemies from Medieval overhaul, Loot their gear and turn it into Barbarian gear with skulls, an entire outfitted pawn can take up to 18 skulls to complete!

  • 7 armours, 2 under armours, and one tribal outfit.
  • 14 weapons with one very kool spinning throwing axe.
  • Shields and banners.
  • A custom upgrade system.
  • AND one new animal the northern horse.

So loot and dismember to your hearts content! Then maybe feel bad when you look at all the deaths it took to make your war gear you monsters!


Currently you can join the discord an look at the game we are trying to make! and hangout, but most importantly POST BUGS WITH LOGS, if you dont you will be mocked.

Discord link https://discord.gg/DmXYXaNR


Is it compatible with CE?
Ask CE! they update mods on their end

Can it be added or removed from a save?
Added? yes it should be fine, removed you may need to do some things to remove any mod safely.

Does it need MO to work?
Yes, for now

Compatibility notes

Should be compatible with everything MO is compatible with.

Load order:


Additional credits:

Writing: Sword-addict
XML and updating to 1.5: EvilEyes
Mostly just annoying me: Rick
Moral Support: Mashed
Proably for something: LALA
Testing FabricatorGeneral
Art, XML, Writing: pphhyy

Took inspiration from battle brothers and warhammer.

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