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Mechalit Core Mod

Author of the Mechalit Core Mod: Daniledman

The Mechalit Core Mod is the first and main of the “Mechalite” mod series. It adds more diversity to the game by adding new materials, items, buildings and technologies. The gameplay will become more interesting, and you will have more things to do before leaving the planet.

Mechalit Core Mod features

New resources are more likely to be found in other settlements, in bulk goods (not tribal) and exotic goods trader’s stock. Mecha prosthetics can be bought only from orbital traders (to prevent easy obtainment through caravan robbery).

  • 8 new research projects.
  • You’ll need to choose a place for your colony more carefully, placing it closer to ancient boreholes, from which N-16 gas (very important resource) can be obtained.
  • The materials from which the workbenches, defense and furniture are created will play a more important role.
  • A way to train crafters, sculptors and builders without spending too much resources.
  • New barriers and charge turrets make survival without killbox more feasible.
  • Mechaponics, that can grow all kinds of plants, even those that hydroponics can’t.
  • Stronger melee weapons can be made from new material.
  • Ancient boreholes, a new undestructible building that can be found on the map right after start. It is used to extract a valuable resource – N-16 gas.
  • N-16 gas is required for synthesis of new materials and also can be recycled into chemfuel.
  • Micro-scanner, a new building that increases gas extraction speed when placed near a borehole. Maximum of 4 scanners for borehole.
  • Gas converter, a building used to synthesize new materials.
  • 7 new types of tiles, made from the new materials (4 are available from the start, 3 are unlocked with the Synthesis research).
  • Mechanites, a new resource required for the creation of hi-tech materials, items and buildings.
  • 3 new bed types (1 single and 2 double). They have huge values of beauty, comfort and rest effectiveness and uncommon size.

New metals

New metals can be found as common ore on surface, or be obtained through deep drill mining.

  • Tisnite: a very durable unflammable metal. Great choice for building walls and defences.
  • Simerium: a light and ductile semiprecious metal. Is valued for its unusual color and unique properties – simerium workbenches proved to be very effective.
  • Phasarium: A precious metal with healing properties. Perfect for building furniture (especially beds), sculptures and entertainment.

More underground deposits. To ensure that the new metals don’t completely replace the deposits of vanilla resources, the number of underground deposits has been increased.

New materials

  • Eftam: low quality and bad properties, but very cheap and easy to produce.
  • Myrithium: an ultra-strong material. The best for building walls and defences.
  • Vilanite: good look, high beauty, healing properties and high speed of work at bench.
  • Element X-32: a great material for crafting melee weapon, also needed to create mecha prosthetics.
  • Traimat: Training material (“Traimat” for short) – items and buildings are created for unbearably long. Used instead of other materials for training sculptors, builders and crafters.

New defenses

  • Barrier: light enough to be carried by caravan. Can be reinstalled. Slows movement tremendously. Provides twice more effective cover than sandbags. Available from start.
  • Reinforced barrier: an upgraded version of barrier, unlocked through research: provides better cover and greater slowdown.
  • Charge turret: Weakly protected turret with increased accuracy and range. Shoots energy projectiles that deal 16 damage, every 1.35 seconds. Great for dispatching single targets.

Mecha prosthetics

Added 4 new augmentations, as well as the ability to craft them. These prosthetics are very expensive, but grant a huge boost to colonist’s stats.

  • Mecha arm: +75% work speed.
  • Mecha leg: +75% movement speed.
  • Mecha spine: +45% work and movement speed, blood filtration, blood pumping, eating, breathing and metabolism.
  • Mecha brain implant: +45% consciousness, sight, talking, hearing and +15 mood boost.

Compatibility notes

The Mechalit Core Mod is compatible with saved games, but you will need to settle a new colony in order to have the new resources spawn on your map.

It is compatible with EPOE and RBSE and should not conflict with other mods that add prostheses.

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Version 1.5
Mechalit Core Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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