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Lord of the Rims – Hobbits Mod

Author of the Lord of the Rims – Hobbits Mod: Jecrell

The Lord of the Rims – Hobbits Mod adds hobbits from The Lord of the Rings universe into RimWorld.

Lord of the Rims – Hobbits features

  • Playable Hobbit race.
  • Starter Hobbit scenario.
  • The Shire as a faction.
  • Mountable (with Giddy-Up!) ponies.
  • Pipeweed plants which can be harvested into Pipeweed for Hobbits to smoke.
  • Also includes Hobbit apparel, backpacks, weapons, doors, walls, and a plantable party tree.

Join the Lord of the Rims channel on Discord to discuss the mod!

Additional credits: Hobbit dress courtesy of Gerrymon and Hobbit cape, shirt and vest, and jacket created by Ennacrima.

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