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Lockable Doors Ex Mod

Author of the Lockable Doors Ex Mod: Dazz Aephiex

The Lockable Doors Ex Mod will allow you to refuse visitors into entering your colony. Although human visitors are gentle enough not to take your things, their camels will still create dirt, eat your stuff and disturb your colonists’ sleep. With the Lockable Doors Ex Mod this won’t happen anymore: camels no entering.

Lockable Doors Ex Mod features

  • Door Owner: Doors can be assigned to specific colonists. Only assigned pawns can pass through a private door. Drafted pawns will ignore this setting, allowing manual emergency passing. If any of your door owners is downed inside their private space, remember to draft your pawns before sending them to rescue.
  • Visitor Passibility: Doors can be set to exclude visitors. Note that a private door exclude visitors regardless of the visitor passibility setting. In addition, this setting is dymanic by default: a door will automatically exclude visitors if it’s a bedroom door, and will not exclude visitors if it’s not.
  • Copy and Paste: All of the door settings can be copied and pasted.
  • Private Furniture: Tables and chairs inside a bedroom will refuse non-bedroom-owner pawns to use them. This shall effectively discourage non-bedroom-owner pawns to break into others’ private space.

Compatibility notes

The Lockable Doors Ex Mod is powered by the Harmony Library and thus is compatible with linkable doors., but it will be incompatible with other mods adding similar features, such as the Locks Mod.

If you usethe Hospitality Mod, a room with one or more beds for colonists or visitors will be considered a bedroom thus all doors linked to it exclude visitors by default. They must be manually toggled on. Try to avoid mixing a bedroom with a guest room.

The Lockable Doors Ex Mod is available in English and Simplified Chinese.


Version 1.4
Lockable Doors Ex Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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