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Increased Forest Density Mod

Author of the Increased Forest Density Mod: Helpful Bot

Want a real forest? Then this is just the mod for you! The Increased Forest Density Mod drastically increases plant density and turns your sparse woodlands and jungles into a primordial forest.

Increased Forest Density Mod features

This mod does five major things and only effects: Boreal Forest, Temperate Forest and Jungle:

  • Increases overall vegetation (trees etc.).
  • Majorly changes the terrain map generator (the thing that makes lakes and such, has no effect on ore placement).
  • Increases reasonably the variety of possible predators.
  • Shifts the spawn weights of animals toward more dangerous predators.
  • Increases animal density on the map, especially for predators.

Tree types

  1. True Trees
    • Teak – 1200 Work for 50 Wood (3rd most efficient) (Jungle)
    • Oak – 1000 Work for 40 Wood (2nd most efficient) (Temperate)
    • Pine – 700 Work for 30 Wood (1st most efficient) (Boreal)
  2. Clutter Trees
    • Poplar – 180 Work for 9 Wood (Temperate)
    • Birch – 160 Work for 8 Wood (Boreal)
    • Cecropia – 150 Work for 6 Wood (Jungle)

Other notes

  • Wildfires are now the bane of your existence.
  • Boreal forest will now show as light pink to make it more easily differentiated from the tundra biome.
  • Boreal forest will now generate ice on some of its lakes.
  • Devilstrand mushrooms and healroot will now appear in all dense forest biomes very rarely.
  • Cacti will now spawn in jungle biomes very rarely.
  • A few animals, especially predators, now will show up very rarely in biomes 1 step away from their native temperature
  • A larger variety of flowers will now spawn in the wild.

If predators are allowed to thrive for too long they will wipe out their food supply and begin hunting you!

Increased Forest Density Mod variations

Also called “Kudzu”, the Increased Forest Density Mod is split into three different versions. This is the Base version, but you will find a Hostile and Deadly version here:

  • Hostile Forest: Increases vegetation and trees significantly; alters terrain generation. Increases predator presence. Download here (Direct Download).
  • Deadly Forest [recommended by author]: Increases vegetation and trees significantly; alters terrain generation. Increases predator presence. Strengthens predators and large mammals considerably; Alters the leather of some stronger animals in terms of comfort and beauty (to a max of 30% which is almost negligible compared to the effect of build quality). Download here (Direct Download).

Compatibility notes

The Increased Forest Density Mod conflicts with Vegetable Garden. And it will conflict with any other mod that makes changes to biomes or the plants and animals that spawn there (not including incident-based creatures/npcs).

All “Kudzu” mods are intended to be used on new games (once terrain is generated, that terrain is permanent) but the vegetation, animal density, and animal variety SHOULD gradually change even on old saves.

This mod has absolutely no effect on farm crops or plants within grow zones that are planted by the player. It is unclear whether plants within grow zones count toward the plant density but if it does, then it is more than likely a negligible value/contribution.


Version 1.5
Increased Forest Density Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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