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Imperial Functionality Mod

Authors of the Imperial Functionality Mod: Yabby_Shabby, Taranchuk

Adds functionality to various items from VFE Empire and Deserters mods.

When I first installed the Deserters mod, I was able to see some untapped potential from many of the static buildings seen in the missions done. I decided to commission this mod along with some of the features in the Empire expanded mod, which has some features I wanted to see used by the player to enhance a royalty-themed play through.

Imperial Functionality Mod features

  • Tech printers that are fueled by techite disc stacks which can be made by the player or dropped from a specific permit once constructed a Techprinter will consume and after some amount of time an Imperial Info Techprint will be printed.
    • Tech printers are unlocked when any noble pawn reaches the Duke/Duchess rank
    • Techite disc stacks will be a permit also unlocked at the Duke/Duchess rank that can be called down every 15 days or instantly for 8 honor that drops 2-3 disc stacks that, when placed adjacent to a Techprinter, will allow it to begin processing.
    • The Techprinter itself will cost 5 advanced components 5 Components 200 Plasteel 200 Steel and require 1250 Power to function
    • The research project is called Imperial Techite Techniques: “Construct techprinters which can be used to generate profitable Imperial Info Techprints when fueled by techite disc stacks”
    • Every 5 days when working an Imperial Info Techprint will be created
    • Imperial Info Techprint can be sold to acquire questionably sourced profits
  • Underfarms that are completely automatic and require to be placed outside and near a water main that produces selected crops after a set interval
    • Awarded once any royal pawn reaches the Praetor rank
    • The research project is called Imperial Farming Techniques: “Craft autonomously operated Underfarms used by the empire to feed the masses”
    • The Water main will have a radius of 10 and any Underfarms nearby will only work while in this radius and not covered by a roof
    • The Water Main will cost 250 Steel 5 Components and requires 400 Power
    • Each Underfarm will cost 15 components 600 steel and 100 plasteel and produce a set batch amount of selected crops (only able to select a small variety, being Potatoes, Cloth, Healroot, Tinctoria, and Psychoid) every 7 days, also takes 800 power to operate
    • The batches produced will be Potatoes-300 Cloth-250 Tinctoria-100 Psychoid-150
  • Absolver and Techfriar Armors + Fletcher and Tox Blade Weapons are able to be crafted
    • Awarded when any pawn reaches Consul rank
    • The research project is called Advanced Imperial Warfare “Craft advanced imperial weapons and armor used for when the empire engages in specialized warfare”
    • All weapons and armor will be able to be made at the Fabrication Bench
    • Absolver helmet will require 3 advanced components and 60 plasteel
    • Absolver armor will require 50 cloth 4 advanced components 4 components 50 plasteel
    • Fletcher Rifle will require 4 advanced components 90 plasteel
    • Tox Blade will require 1 eltex 2 advanced components 20 plasteel
  • Aperitif drop
    • Unlocked at Knight/Dame Rank
    • Simple permit to drop 10 Aperitif every 15 days or 4 honor on cool down
  • A new ability inviting various royals to start a Ball or Art Exhibition Event
    • New ability unlocked when any pawn reaches Archduke/Archduchess rank
    • The Royal Invitation ability has a 30-day cool down and creates a quest for either a Ball or an Art Exhibition from the Empire Expanded Mod
  • New Talk option for royals that allows a new quest to be instantly assigned at the cost of silver.
    • Adds a new option to the comms console when talking to the empire that requests a royal commission for 5000 silver
    • When done a random honor quest will be generated
  • A new quest named Maxpack Tribute delivers a bunch of supply crates but also attracts a bunch of deserters
    • Quest that appears when you have any royal pawn
    • When accepted depending on the threat level a certain number of either supply crates or bio-coded supply crates will drop somewhere on the map
    • After some time a deserter raid will arrive and the player must defend from it
  • Surveillance Station that makes a raid weaker depending on the number of Surveillance pillars and Surveillance display banks
    • Rewarded at Baron/Baroness rank
    • Research Project called Imperial Surveillance Systems “Construct various forms of surveillance systems to deter future raids”
    • Allows the player to build a Surveillance console that acts similar to the ground-penetrating scanner
    • Each Surveillance pillar lowers a raid’s total points by 100 points
    • Each surveillance pillar will cost 100 steel and 4 components require 100 power to operate
    • The surveillance display bank requires 50 power to run 100 steel and 4 components
    • The surveillance console requires 4 advanced components 150 steel and 5 components and 750 power to operate
    • Each surveillance pillar will also require 1 surveillance display bank to be placed near the central Surveillance console
  • Imperial Propaganda that can be crafted using cloth and silver that can be sent to nearby factions granting great goodwill bonuses
    • Imperial propaganda can be researched once any pawn reaches the Marquess/Marchioness rank
    • Research project labeled Imperial Propaganda Tactics “Tailor high-quality imperial propaganda to enlighten others”
    • Each imperial propaganda stack will require 100 cloth and 100 silver and gives a flat 8 goodwill for every stack sent to a faction
    • However, there is a small chance for goodwill to decrease by 8
  • Imperial Mega-Shield obtainable Archduke and higher that covers a huge radius but consumes loads of power
    • Available at Archduke rank
    • Research project labeled Advanced Imperial Defenses
    • The Mega-Shield will require 12,000 power to operate and generates a decent amount of heat
    • Will require 2000 Steel 500 Plasteel 15 Advanced Components 20 Components
  • Lastly, once the player obtains the Despot Role and above, they can convert the entire faction of the Empire to the player’s ideology and are allied
    • This comes in the form of a new ability called “Form Alliance With Empire”
    • It comes with a 60-day cool down so use it wisely as it only adds enough goodwill to cap you out at 100

Huge thanks towards the Vanilla Expanded Team for creating such an awesome mod to base most of this off of and an even greater thank to Taranchuk who was able to make this become a reality.

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