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GeneticRim Mod

Author of the GeneticRim Mod: Sarg.Auxiliar

The GeneticRim Mod allows you to extract genes from a wide variety of animals and combine them in a lab to create fearsome hybrids.

Scientists in the Glitterworlds, with their advanced technologies and stable societies, can allow themselves to think about ethics. “Should this be done in the name of science? Are we not playing god? What are the limits, and should they be crossed?”. No such luxury on the Rim. If it can be done, it WILL be done. And if you are not the one doing it first, then you are the one being beaten to death by the results.

GeneticRim Mod features

  • Hybridization: Extract genes from Bears, Chickens, Boomalopes, Muffalos, Wolves, Reptiles and Insectoids, and create hybrids of these species. Some combinations can go both ways, so for example a bearalope is different from a boombear, and you will get one at random. Some very useful, others… less so. A total of 43 new creatures for you to play with.
  • Hybrid implants: By extracting humanoid genes, you can mix them with animal genes and create several hybrid implants to improve your colonists.
  • Alpha Creatures: With the Animal Enrichment research, you can turn regular animals into Alphas, more evolved versions of the base creature. A total of 14 new creatures for you to play with.
  • Eldritch Creatures: If you download the patch for the Call of Cthulhu – Cosmic Horrors Mod, you can create 8 new hybrids with monsters from this mod.

How does the GeneticRim Mod work?

To progress in you genetic modification endeavors, you must do as follows:

  1. First, research the genetic engineering tech.
  2. Build a Pulper or a Recycler to get organic pulp from wood or corpses (the Recycler needs a Pulper first, though), and a Genetic Extraction Table to get DNA from animals and to build empty incubators.
  3. Kill the animals to extract their genes.
  4. Build the Gene Pod to mix the genes of different animals, and fill an empty incubator with the mixture.
  5. The incubator will hatch in a day. Keep it warm! The creature will be born tamed.
  6. Results are sometimes random! If you mix Bear and Chicken, you might get a Bearchicken or a Chickenbear. Or the experiment can also go wrong…
  7. Finally, research the Insectoid Genome, Reptilian Genome and the Advanced genetic engineering techs, build the Advanced Gene Pod and experiment with Insectoids, Reptiles and Thrumbos to get the strongest creatures in the game.

On a different path, you can research humanoid genetic engineering, and develop hybrid implants to modify your colonists. Yeah, you can create a colonist that lays chicken eggs twice a day. It’s hilarious and disgusting.

On yet another different path, you can research animal enrichment, which allow you to create Alpha animals with the alpha serum extraction table and the animal enrichment center.

Finally, the age drugs tech allows you to mature your animals much faster!

Compatibility notes

The GeneticRim Mod has been made compatible with the following mods by adding the corresponding patches:

You will also find a translated version of GeneticRim in Japanese here and Simplified Chinese here.

Order versions of this mod can also be found on the author’s Github.


Version 1.5
GeneticRim Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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