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A Dog Said Easy Patcher

Author of the A Dog Said Easy Patcher: Ibeaston

LBE’s A Dog Said Easy Patcher adds an easy non-invasive way to add A Dog Said compatibility to animal mods. It negates the need to have a seperate patch mod for every animal which stops ADS patches overriding each other. Normal users need only load this mod after A Dog Said.

Instructions for Animal modders

To make your animal ADS compatible just give your animal’s ThingDef the attribute “ADogSaidBody” with the appropriate body type. For example:

<ThingDef ParentName=”AnimalThingBase” ADogSaidBody=”LegsTail”>
<defName>Wombat</defName> etc. etc. etc…

Available body types: Legs, Arms, ArmsTail, LegsArms, LegsTail, Tail, LegsArmsTail, Limbless.

If a user has A Dog Said and A Dog Said Easy Patcher then that animal will automatically become A Dog Said compatible! But what if a user doesn’t have the easy patcher installed? No problem! Unused XML attributes won’t change anything. The animal will still work perfectly (they just won’t be able to install peg legs on it).

Legs = Things like bears
Arms = Horrifying creatures
ArmsTail = Ditto
LegsArms = Humanoid
LegsTail = Standard quadrupeds like cats and dogs
Tail = Snakes
LegsArmsTail = Like monkeys
Limbless = I don’t know what you’re making but it sounds terrifying

Compatibility notes

Should be compatible with Regular, Lite, and No Crafting versions of A Dog Said. Should work with animals with vanilla body types. May work with custom bodies as long as they have all the standard organs. Now also supports animal healing.

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