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Eccentric Tech – Defense Grid Mod

Author of the Eccentric Tech – Defense Grid Mod: Aelanna

Built around the hull of a crashed, ancient warship, the colony of Angel’s Rest is famed for its maid staff, high quality food, and eccentric aesthetics. But perhaps most importantly of all, it also has high-tech defenses that have rendered it impenetrable to the roving raider bands that plague this rimworld.

Eccentric Tech – Defense Grid Mod features

Defense Grid adds a number of high-tech defensive tools for your colony!

New Research Projects

  • Networked Defenses – Unlocks defense network conduits, consoles, and remote turret controllers.
  • Networked Artillery – Unlocks vertical missile launchers, proximity sensor towers, and precision guided missile ordnance.
  • Portable Designators – Unlocks remote artillery designators.
  • Networked Shields – Unlocks shield generators, shield capacitors, shield heatsinks, and shield projectors.

New Buildings

  • Defense Conduits – Used to link networked defenses together, these conduits combine low-latency command and control links with shield charge and coolant pipelines, allowing for distributed systems to work together.
  • Defense Consoles – These consoles can be manned to allow remote turrets to be controlled and for shield generator settings to be reconfigured.
  • Remote Turret Controllers – These devices allow manned turrets to be remotely controlled from defense consoles. Turrets that require reloading still need to be manually reloaded, however.
  • Vertical Missile Launchers – Adapted from cells used on military starships, these compact missile launchers can hold up to 4 precision guided munitions. Such ordnance requires guidance locks to be fired.
  • Proximity Sensor Tower – These medium-range sensor towers allow precision guided missiles to be launched from defense consoles, even against enemies outside of line of sight.
  • Shield Generators – These centralized shield generators have a number of configuration options and can be linked to defense conduits for power input and heat dissipation. The generator does not stop projectiles on its own, but requires linked shield projectors to function properly. Intercepting projectiles requires energy charge in networked capacitors and generates heat that is dissipated by networked heatsinks. Insufficient capacity in either system can cause a shield generator to fail and take some time to reset.
  • Shield Capacitors – High-throughput capacitors that provide energy to networked shield generators. Cannot recharge while actively under fire, but begins recharging after a short delay.
  • Shield Heatsinks – Durable metal-ceramic heatsinks for dissipating shield generator heat. Effectiveness varies based on ambient temperature: housing heatsinks indoors is not advised.
  • Shield Projectors – Projects dome shields that intercept projectiles. Requires networked generators to function, but does not require external power beyond that.

New Equipment

  • Remote Artillery Designator – This utility slot item has a high-powered laser that can be used to provide guidance lock for precision guided ordnance from beyond the range of fixed-position proximity sensors.

High-Energy Shield Cores

Wide-area projected shields requires specialized cores that can only be produced at nano-scale fabrication facilities. These devices are rarely found on the rimworlds, but can sometimes be found in the hands of exotic goods traders or factions who need your help. Or, just maybe, there might be ways to produce them yourself…

Compatibility notes

Defense Grid does not require Eccentric Tech – Core. However, having Core installed enables additional content:

  • High Energy Shield Cores (Research Project) – Unlocks the ability to produce high-energy shield cores at the Nanoassembler. Requires an Aurora Core and Networked Shields research to be completed.
  • M56 Precision Guided Missile (Burnout Shield) – Unlocks the ability to produce precision guided missiles with burnout shield warheads. Used as fire support for advanced infantry under heavy fire, these missiles can buy pinned-down ground forces valuable time to advance on an objective or retreat from danger.
  • The Aurora Core can be connected to defense networks via conduits. Doing so allows Aurora to remotely configure shield generators without a manned console. Launching artillery still requires human input, however.

If you have Eccentric Tech – Foxy’s Armory installed, then the following additional content is unlocked:

  • E15 with TAGM – This E15 charge rifle has been fitted with a Target Acquisition and Guidance Module, a compact laser designator that utilizes the E15’s power source and directly networks with nearby missile launchers to provide terminal guidance for precision ordnance.
  • E16 with TAGM – This E16 precision charge rifle has been fitted with a Target Acquisition and Guidance Module, a compact laser designator that utilizes the E16’s power source and directly networks with nearby missile launchers to provide terminal guidance for precision ordnance.

Eccentric Tech – Defense Grid uses the Eccentric Projectiles library for custom projectiles and visual effects. Please check out the Eccentric Projectiles tab in your Mod Options for configuration options!

Credits & Links

The following audio assets were sampled for use in this mod:

  • Tomahawk Missile Rocket Launch 2 by qubodup
  • Launching Anti-Tank Missiles by qubodup
  • Blip 5 by deleted_user_2906614
  • Hatch Seal by Paul368
  • Charging Power by JavierZumer
  • Sci-Fi Force Field Impact 15 by StormwaveAudio
  • Energy/Magic Shot by Iridiuss

Eccentric Tech mods are a companion to The Eccentric’s Angels, a RimWorld-inspired comic series on Reddit.


Version 1.5

Older versions:

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