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Eccentric Tech – Core Mod

Author of the Eccentric Tech – Core Mod: Aelanna

This is the core mod for Eccentric Tech and contains shared research, buildings, and materials used by several other mods in this series.

Eccentric Tech – Core Mod features

Research Projects

  • Aurora Core – Enables construction of the Aurora Core, which unlocks the rest of the technologies for Eccentric Tech.
  • Nanofabrication – Enables construction of Nanofabricators and Nanoassemblers, precision nano-scale facilities that are capable of producing advanced Second Wave materials, components, and equipment.
  • High-Density Hex Cells – Enables production of High-Density Hex Cells at the Nanofabricator. HD Hex Cells are advanced power storage devices used in Second Wave weapons and equipment.


  • Aurora Core – An advanced AI mainframe hosting a reconstruction of The Eccentric’s military-grade starship persona, AP-0176 “Aurora”. Attaching this to a Hi-Tech Research Bench allows the decryption of Aurora’s database and the use of her hoarded technologies.
  • Nanofabricator – A precision nano-scale production facility capable of manufacturing advanced Second Wave materials such as Nanoweave and High-Density Hex-Cells.
  • Nanoassembler – A precision nano-scale production facility capable of building Second Wave weapons, equipment, and smart apparel.


  • High-Density Hex Cells – A compact energy storage device capable of extremely high energy density while remaining remarkably stable. Used in Second Wave weapons and smart apparel.
  • Nanoweave – A smart fabric comprised of layers of synthetic threads, microscopic plasteel reinforcements, and artificial muscle fibers. On its own it is unremarkable and barely stronger than synthread, but it can be used to produced advanced Second Wave smart apparel and bionic implants at the Nanoassembler.

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