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Dungeon Pack Mod

Author of the Dungeon Pack Mod: TrueBlueSwablu

Adds 10 new custom quest locations filled with powerful enemies, bosses, and unique loot.

Dungeon Pack Mod features

New Dungeons

These quest locations aren’t like your ordinary factional bases with the same 3 generic buildings and interchangeable rewards. Each dungeon has a unique challenge, setting, and a powerful custom reward.

Some dungeons include:

  • Fighting on a pirate ship with cannons
  • Digging into the mountain to excavate a lost, buried city.
  • Battling invisible ninja monks
  • Navigating a maze filled with traps and madmen.

These dungeons are supposed to challenging, so they are recommended for well-armed mid/late game bases. The quests can start by being researched.

New Items

Each quest is associated with a powerful relic.

Some relics include:

  • Reusable mechanoid ally summoner
  • A cloak that gives the user invisibility
  • A belt that gives the user phasing abilities
  • A real zeushammer that causes a lightning strike on hit

Tools Used/Thanks:

Custom Quest Framework
Vanilla Expanded
Geological Landforms


Feedback, suggestions, or requests are encouraged! Please let me know if the dungeons / items are too challenging / powerful or not enough.

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