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Custom Quest Framework Mod

Author of the Custom Quest Framework Mod: 骸鸾

Have you ever thought about editing a quest yourself? Build your own map for other players to explore? The Custom Quest Framework has added the function of allowing players to edit quests themselves.

Custom Quest Framework Mod features

  1. Edit Quest: This mod adds a quest editor to help players edit quests.
  2. Custom Map: This mod provides the function to customize maps as quest sites.
  3. Custom Dialog: Provides the function to customize conversations and edit storylines.
  4. SubMap: This mod provides the function to add quest makers as an entrance when making quest maps. When generating the quest map, an additional sub map will be generated, and players can enter the sub map through the entrance.
  5. Misc: LootBox. Pawnspawner…

How should I edit a quest?

I will edit a tutorial and publish it on my Dicord. Tutorial mod

Join my discord

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