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Archaeology guild Mod

Author of the Archaeology guild Mod: Ogam

Important information. This mod is smth like promo for our next two WIP factions – Undead Legion and Demon Hunters, who utilise diamond and onyx gems. For more info and to support our team you can join our discrod server from the bottom of this mod page

Archaeology guild Mod features

Step into the world of ‘Arcane Archaeologists!

This mod adds a variety of new magical weapons, including swords, staffs, spears, and handgonnes that will give you an edge in battle. Additionally, new armor types that can be recolored at the dye station, to match your colony’s aesthetic. But that’s not all, this mod also introduces a new house faction of powerful magic wielders
Join the ranks of the prestigious explorers guild, and master the art of magic in RimWorld with the ‘Arcane Archaeologists’ mod!

Special feature with colorTwo
With big help from Taranchuk we utilized previously unused colorTwo feature. Basically now you can draw reg-green mask for your apparel and change colors with styling table.

If you do not own Royalty, you can use Dub’s Paint Shop to recolor your apparel. But in that case the apparel has to be unequipped, while recoloring it.

You free to use our assembly as you like cause it`s not perfect yet and maybe you can improve it to bring more awesome content to RimWorld community.


Commissioned by Ogam
Code: Taranchuk, (◣_◢)
Art: Ogam, SOL

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